Super Smart Ways to Save Money on Insoles for Women

by Jaswanth D

Good insoles provide significant support for feet to prevent them from any injury. Apart from helping your feet absorb any significant impact generated through the foot motion, the insoles also lessen the effects of existing foot problems like flat arches, blisters, and foot pain.

Insoles work the same for both: men and women. However, women can significantly benefit from the insoles as they tend to wear more unstable shoes such as high heels. Women’s shoes come in various options, and the insoles’ choices can vary depending on these options. Yet, no matter what, insoles are great money-savers for women, and if you don’t understand how? We will figure this out here. So, let’s get you started. 

Increase The Lifespan Of Your Shoes

Based on the lifestyle, needs, and budget, women tend to own more shoes than men. Studies have found various reasons why women shop for so many shoes. Still, one major reason is that according to professional life, womens often obliged to have multiple shoes. Due to the regular wear and tear, women’s shoes have less life span when compared to men’s shoes. 

Good insoles for women can increase the shoes’ lifespan, whether they are heels or sneakers. So, you can buy one pair of insoles in order to extend the life of the shoes instead of buying a new pair every single month. Many may not notice, but it can save anywhere between $70 to $100. 


Cut The Medical Bills 

Heels symbolize beauty. So, you might own 5 to 6 pairs for daily use, but do you know your favorite pair of heels also causes you to pay for the doctor’s bills? 

Heels have been found as one of the major reasons for back pain in women. Due to the structure of the high heels, they cause stimulation in the back muscles, which results in pain. If not cared for properly, this pain can turn into chronic pain, which might need surgery in order to recover. 

You can prevent all this chaos by opting for the insoles. Insoles can lessen the severity of the high heel impact and prevent you from going to the doctor. Yet, you can not rely completely on the insoles as long as opting for the insoles. You also need to work on the habit of wearing high heels. 


Buy Orthotic Insoles 

Purchasing the orthotic itself is a great deal to save money. Not only the orthotic insoles are the best arch support insoles for flat feet, but they also cost less than the other insoles. 

Orthotic insoles are intended for everyone. The insoles market is flooded with many orthotic insoles that fit every foot size. So, you don’t have to have a different pair for every one of your shoes. Orthotic insoles are made after considering the biomechanical needs of every person. Therefore these insoles are functional, multipurpose, and less expensive. A good effective insole is much more than a piece of fabricated cloth. These orthotic insoles have a high specification, are tested, and are designed to meet specific needs. 

You Can Get Second Pair Even At Cheaper Price 

When first buying your pair of orthotics, it also includes the cost of time and knowledge spent by your podiatrist in conducting your assessment. Podiatrists give a lot of their time analyzing your gait, creating custom prescriptions that tick all the boxes on the level of support and features your feet need. But, when you want to buy the second pair of your orthotic insoles, you don’t have to pay for the podiatrist’s time and research that has already been taken care of. This means you buy your second, third, fourth, and so on insoles at less cost. 

Different Insoles Material Saves Differently

The material of the insoles offers different capabilities. Some material aids you to spring back after taking a step, and this feature can help athletes. Another material focuses on immersion of the motion shocks or optimizing your comfort, or providing you with arch support. You can prefer a wide selection of materials based on your needs. Identifying your needs and materials and features to comply with those needs can help you save some extra bucks and buy your desired insoles. 


Save Money In the Long Run

Custom orthotics are a long-term investment that pays you back exponentially over time and aids you in saving money. Cheaper insoles are often unreliable and of lower quality. They are not desired to fix any specific issue related to your foot health. On the other hand, genuine orthotic insoles such as Poron insoles are a worthy option due to the technologies adapted in these insoles. Over time good orthotic insoles can provide you with greater relief. With insoles, you will save more money on the other expenses related to your health. Focusing on the foundation of your body can benefit the rest of your body over time. The entire material can eliminate the cost of treating associated discomfort. 

So, when taken collectively, the reasons help to demonstrate why custom orthotic insoles are worth the cost to save some money for you. When speaking of saving money and shopping for the best insoles, there are no comparisons of the Poron Insoles. 


Poron Insoles by Yenta+Posha have been the best insoles for people dealing with foot issues or looking to comfort their food to collect their regular errands. With the Poron Insoles, you can embed many benefits into your life, some of which are as follows. 


  • Poron insoles can improve your gait movement relieving the issues like foot pain and back pain. 
  • These insoles can increase the lifespan of your foot. 
  • They come with features that safeguard your feet from bacteria and infection. 
  • The insoles can come in memorizing and shock absorber technology. The technology helps the Poron insoles to adapt and adjust themself according to the size of your feet and the motion associated with it. 
  • These insoles also have a special gel that alters all the dangerous impacts from the sharp movements. 


Would you like to know more about the Poron insoles to get all of these benefits? If yes, you can visit the Yenta+Posha online store anytime.

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