How Can I Avoid My Car for Catching Fire in summers?

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by Jaswanth D

Dubai and the whole Middle East is well known for its hot and humid climate since the beginning. Majority of the area in UAE is desert, but with the technological advancement. And huge infrastructural development in the region this desert is turned into one of the most famous tourist destinations all over the world. But the fact still cannot be denied that UAE has the hottest climate in the region.
Most of the people are very rich in this region and survive the hot and humid climates by keeping themselves indoors during the daytime. On the other hand, what precautionary measures can anyone take in order to save their valuable assets which cannot be kept inside the home or indoor?
Especially for cars which are majorly known to be kept outside the home or in parking lots. There are many cases reported by people that their rental car caught fire while it was parked outside. There are also some cases where some parts of the car are melted due to hot climate and very high temperatures in UAE.

Tip and Tricks to Avoid Catching Fire in the luxury Car rental:

It is a well-known fact that we cannot defeat the nature even we gather and utilize all our efforts. But we can take come corrective measures and avoid massive mishaps by simply taking care of small thing in our car.

Park the Car in Shade:

First and most important thing you should keep in your mind that always try to park your car in a shade. If you have a permanent parking outside your office or your home and your car is parked over there for long period of time, try to make a shade, or try to find a place where you can park your car in shade. It can be a done, or you can also spend some many and make a fold able shade for your luxury car rental in Dubai.

Keep your Car Covered:

It is very good if you find a shady parking for your car, but if you can’t find anything like shade. There is another very wise decision you can take. Many cars accessory manufacturers make car covers which are waterproof. And at the same time these covers are manufactured in a manner that heat cannot be transferred inside your car. These covers are slightly expensive than conventional covers, but they can help you a great deal by saving your car from catching unnecessary fire.

Don’t keep unnecessary things in your Car:

It has been observed that many people keep unnecessary things in their car and never take them out. Once the car is parked, and the windows are closed temperature inside the care can immensely increase within no time. All things which are kept inside can easily catch fire specially things like paper towels, hand sanitizers, air fresheners and deodorant sprays.
It is highly advised that these things should not be kept in the car even in winters. So whenever ever you rent sports car for a day always check your car for all these things. And if you find anything like this in your car immediately return it to the agency from which you are renting the car. You need to be very vigilant while renting a car in summers because anything happens to the car will be considered your mistake and you will have to bear huge compensations for the damages.

Inspecting your Car Well:

You need to inspect your car regularly in summers. If you keep inspecting the car with every possible aspect you will be saving yourself and your family from huge troubles. So, the questions arises that what are the things which should be inspected.
First of all, whenever you a taking your sports car rental in Dubai out for a ride, pop the hood and check that coolant is properly filled and there is no leaking in it.
Secondly you should also check all the wiring of the car because they can melt and due to short circuit can cause your car to catch immediate fire.
Last but not least if you are traveling for long distances, you should take small breaks in the way to give some time to your car to cool it down in order to avoid any mishap during your trip.

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