Migrate to a Digital Business Platform with Gojek Clone App

by Jaswanth D

The importance of a digital business has elevated during and after the pandemic. Many businesses were shut down because they operated locally through brick-and-mortar. There was no means to collect data or reach the customers at the physical location. This caused a huge inconvenience and inefficiency to the business and the customers. Therefore, digital migration has become important. Moving to an off-site platform is crucial and the Gojek Clone app can help you with the same. 

There are multiple benefits of migrating to a digital business platform. The migration can help businesses with better customer engagement, proper communication, streamlining the process, integration of the service, and much more. Let’s uncover more about migrating to a digital business platform with a ready-made multi-service app. 

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Useful Pieces of Advice for Those Migrating to a Digital Platform

Migration is a simple process of moving the data from a manual workspace to a central and digitized system. The digital system is automated, eliminates manual work, and can be accessed remotely without glitches. Hence, we have compiled some useful advice for businesses who want to shift from manual to digital with the Gojek Clone app. 

  • Understand what your customers want  

The first step is always tricky but important. As an entrepreneur, you must know what services, features, and convenience customers are expecting from you. In-depth research and study of your audience is the only solution here. It will take time to understand what your customers exactly need. However, to successfully upgrade your offline business to online, you must offer everything that the customers need. 

Ask your potential customers about the services, features, and other offers they desire to see in your app. 

  • Add an online video calling option for more personalization! 

Giving your customers the freedom and ability to shop, consult, and even ask their queries by sitting on their couch can give you a cutting edge over the competitors. The pre-built on-demand multi-service app allows the customers to have a one-to-one, live conversation over a video call. It is the future of a digital business. Also, such a feature builds trust amongst the customers!

The Gojek Clone app offers the option of an online video consultation with doctors, academic tutors, lawyers, yoga instructors, etc. Your customers need not go out to find a suitable professional or stand in long queues. 

  • Select the best pre-built on-demand app solution 

Before anything else, entrepreneurs need to find the best digital platform. Now, in 2022, you get multiple options to choose from, however, it is difficult to select a genuine one. The risk of encountering a counterfeit product is high. Therefore, entrepreneurs should take a free demo app trial and look for the following factors: 

  • Mobile functionality: make sure that the mobile application has more functions than desktop apps. More and more people are becoming proud smartphone users, thus, ensuring that mobile apps are well-optimized and work well on different devices. 
  • Security: security is another important aspect of any mobile app. While you’re taking the demo app trial, ensure that the app has robust security features like biometric authentication,  SOS button, OTP verification, etc. 
  • Room for expansion: there should always be room for expansion. So, make sure that your pre-built application has everything essential to help your business grow! 

Any Other Important Advice? 

Here are some other essentials of shifting business from offline to online with the Gojek Clone app. Take a look at them: 

  • Get inspiration from a competitor’s website. 
  • Check the services and features pre-integrate into the application. 
  • Make sure that the UI and UX are extremely appealing. 
  • The services should be available 24/7. 

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In Conclusion: 

The Gojek Clone app should be designed and coded keeping in mind the customers as well as the business. So, ensure that whatever on-demand app solution you choose, it should be able to make the transition from offline to a digital business platform. 

Take the free demo app trial before you begin the app development process.

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