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Krithi Shetty is one of the many popular Indian-based actresses of the current generation who has caught the attention of the general public recently. She is also a model who was born on the 21st of September, 2003, in the Bengaluru region of India.  

There is no denying the fact that Krithi Shetty is one of the many talented actresses of the current generation. This is because of the actuality that she has got the chance to appear in a significant number of commercial-based advertisements.  

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Some of the commercial-based advertisements in which Krithi Shetty has played active roles include Life Buoy, Cadbury Silk, Vivel Soap, Yippee, and many others. Having said that, one should observe that Krithi Shetty initiated her professional life at an incredibly young age. This step of hers differentiates her from the many other actresses that are currently participating in the Bollywood film industry.  

Introduction to the Professional Life of Krithi Shetty 

While talking about the Krithi Shetty movies, one should be well aware of the fact that this young model and actress participated in her first movie with the name ‘Uppena.’ In this film, Krithi Shetty got the chance to work in association with Vaisshnav Tej. She actively played the role of Sangeetha in her first film.  

In one of her interviews, Krithi Shetty revealed that she was immensely excited about the launch of her first-ever film. That being said, one should know that the first movie in which Krithi Shetty participated was released on the 2nd of April, 2020 globally.  

While talking about the Krithi Shetty movies, we should also mention that her first movie was released primarily in the Telugu language. However, after the launch of this movie, it was updated in a considerable number of other languages as well.  

All About the Early Life, Siblings, and Parents of Krithi Shetty 

It should be known by the fans of Krithi Shetty that she was born on the 23rd of September, 2003, to her parents on a Sunday. Although Krithi Shetty was born in the Mumbai region of India, her family decided to move to the Bengaluru region of India shortly after her birth. The reason behind this shift was mainly because of business reasons concerning the father of Krithi Shetty.  

According to the birth date of Krithi Shetty, she is expected to be around 18 years old as of now. This means that now you must have comprehended the Krithi Shetty age. The father of Krithi Shetty is an upstanding businessman of the current era. As far as the family details of Krithi Shetty are involved, we should also mention that she prefers eating homemade food, mostly made by her mother.  

Krithi Shetty is the only daughter of her parents. She was raised in a family where she actively used to play with her cousins in the Karnataka region of India. Apart from this, you should know that Krithi Shetty has been a charming personality right from her childhood. This is why she has such an immense fan following at an incredibly young age.  

What Do We Know About the Educational Background of Krithi Shetty? 

As far as the educational background of Krithi Shetty is talked about, we should mention that she git enrolled in a local high school that was located in her hometown in the Bengaluru region of India. At the current moment, it has been reported that Krithi Shetty is completing her degree in a bachelor’s program from Bengaluru University.  

Having said that, you should also know that the graduation of Krithi Shetty will be completed somewhere in the year 2022. Krithi Shetty started her modeling career at an incredibly young age when she was studying at a school situated in her hometown in the Bengaluru region of India.  

As Krithi Shetty. As Krithi Shetty has an immensely charming personality, various commercial-based advertising companies started approaching her when she was just a child.  

Highlighting the Relationship Status of Krithi Shetty 

As far as the personal life of Krithi Shetty, it has been observed that she is a very shy person who prefers living an ordinary life, just like many others.  

At the current moment, Krithi is focusing on her studies as well as her career at the very same time. In addition to this, Krithi Shetty also prefers spending her leisure time with her best friends. As far as the relationship status of Krithi Shetty, she is expected to be single, at least for now.  


Krithi Shetty is a widely-recognized model and actress who is currently operating in the Bengaluru region of India. As far as the Krithi Shetty age is involved, you should know that she is around 18 years old right now.

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