Get A Cure For iPhone Volume Button Sickness By Cell Phone Repair Store

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Imagine you are sitting at a funeral, and somebody sends a video to you on your Whatsapp. You open your Whatsapp just to view the message, but by mistake, the video gets played in a wake. Suddenly the song “My heart will go on” starts playing in the video. You immediately try to lower the volume, but nothing works, and the video plays at full volume. The loud music can become annoying and embarrassing in front of so many people at a wake where you have come to pay your respects to the deceased. You are angry at your phone, wondering what happened to its volume button suddenly. It was fine till the day before. Such an ordeal is unexpected when you have a costly phone like an iPhone. Everyone agrees that iPhones have the best and most innovative features, but it is not invincible and can face problems like unresponsive volume buttons. It is a sickness that needs a cure immediately; otherwise, you will face many embarrassing moments in the future. The Mobile Market is a cell phone repair store Airdrie, AB, that has provided a few cures for iPhone volume button sickness. Let’s learn what these cures are. 

Cures For iPhone Volume Button Sickness

Enable Your Volume Buttons

iPhone has a lot of settings in feature in it. You may not know, but it also has a setting that can turn on and off your volume buttons. These settings are automatically enabled by default when you buy a phone. You might have disabled the settings by mistake. To enable them, go to settings, sound, and haptics and click on change with buttons. If this option is disabled, the buttons are not working. Enable these buttons to ensure their working. 

Got Stucked Volume Buttons?

Our use of smartphones is so much that dust, debris, and grime can enter the volume buttons and other openings of your phone, like the charging port, microphones, and speakers. If you suspect the volume button is not working, you must try pressing these buttons a few times to see if it’s stuck. To clean the stuck volume button, it is recommended by cell phone repair store Airdrie to take a cotton swab, dip it into 99% isopropyl alcohol and clean the button thoroughly. Isopropyl alcohol contains less water, and it dries on your phone quickly. Press the button a few times with a dipped swab to see if the grime and dirt get out of the button. There is no need to use alcohol if you are using isopropyl. Wait for at least 20 minutes and let it dry. If it’s working fine, it means that the dirt is gone. If it’s working a bit less, it means the button still contains dirt that needs to be fixed.  

Restore or Reset

According to the cell phone repair centre, when you update your phone, the firmware can sometimes change how your iPhone buttons work. If that is the case, you must restart your phone. A restart or a reboot is a simple way to eliminate bugs, glitches, malfunctions, temps, caches, and cookies. Turn off your phone for a minute and let it refresh itself. Turn it on and see if the issue is gone. If not, you can move on to resetting or restoring your iPhone. “Reset the Settings” means deleting the content settings like network settings, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.

In contrast, factory resetting means you are erasing all the content and settings from your phone and making it as good as new. Your phone will be completely wiped off; therefore, it is recommended that you do a backup before resetting your phone and save all the passwords somewhere safe. If you have images, videos, documents and files in your phone, back them up in a drive like iCloud drive. Once your phone is reset, you can put all the data back in your phone. 

Update the iOS

The phone repair shop Airdrie experts say that while updating your phone can cause issues with your volume button, not updating the phone also causes many problems. If you have an old and outdated iPhone model and download an updated app, it will not work as it should because of its incompatibility with the software. In such cases, you must update your iPhone to make it work normally and fix the volume button problem. Go to settings, general and click on the software update to download and install the updated software. The latest software has the latest and most innovative features. It also comes with security improvements and much more. 

Control The Volume Without Buttons

If you are in the middle of something and need to use the volume feature immediately, but the button is not working, you can still control the volume without physical buttons. According to cell phone repair store Airdrie, the easiest way to control your volume is through a control centre. Swipe down from the top to see the volume and brightness bars. Adjust the volume according to your needs. Using Bluetooth or Airpods, you can also control the volume through them without your iPhone volume buttons. But you must go to the professionals to get your issue fixed in no time. They will provide your premium services at affordable prices. 

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