Fire Emblem Heroes Game APK – Guide

by Jaswanth D

Role Playing Games or better known as RPG’s have been around for a while; and truth be told are one of the top grossing genres of games. Another genre which has grossed a lot of income to the Esports community is the Tactical genre; this genre forces the users to activate the stealthy and tactical based moves to win an encounter.

But the combination of both these genres has resulted in a mass explosion of profits for the Esports community; Tactical role playing games, also known as TRPG is a new genre which has gained a lot of popularity amongst the gaming community. One such game of the genre is Fire Emblem Heroes.

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Fire Emblem Heroes is a game which revolves around many realms and kingdoms and how each user has to defend their realm from enemy attack. The game was released in 2017 by Nintendo, and developed by Intelligent Systems. And since the day it has released it has seen massive downloads in the TRPG genre games, since the game is available for mobile devices it is one of a kind. The game is a single player system based and allows the user to play against the UI; which automatically changes the difficulty level based on how good or bad the player is.

Features offered in the game

The following is the list of features offered in the game-

  • The game requires an Internet connection to connect with the servers and save the gameplay.
  • The game has a contained but very interactive and responsive universe, thus making everything you see ready to be interacted with.
  • There is an abundance of avatars available for the user to use and enjoy.
  • Summoning new heroes can be done once the user has collected sufficient orbs to summon the heroes.
  • The game allows in game marriage of heroes to breed new heroes; and furthermore it also patronizes LGBT community by promoting same sex marriage.
  • During battle the heroes can die, and not be used for some time and this makes it although more realistic.

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Fire Emblem Heroes MOD APK

Fire Emblem Heroes also has a MOD version which makes the in-game

 purchases and summoning of new heroes absolutely free. Furthermore the MOD makes the game more fun to play.


The features offered by Fire Emblem Heroes MOD APK are as follows-

  • Abundance of Orbs

The MOD lets the user have an abundance of orbs to use as they please.

  • Abundance of Feathers

MOD further lets the user have an infinite amount of feathers which can be used by the user as they please.

  • Safe and free

The MOD has been extensively tested and is absolutely safe and free to download.

  • Auto Sync

The progress in the game is Auto-Sync based and constantly syncs.

  • Auto Update

The APK does not need to be updated on a regular basis as the cloud server updates it regularly for the user.

Download Fire Emblem Heroes APK

To Download the Fire Emblem Heroes APK, click on the link listed below-


How to Install the MOD

The following are the steps to install the MOD-

  • Download the APK MOD from the link provided above.
  • Go to settings and click on “Install from Unknown Sources”
  • After that Install the game from the download file
  • Once the installation is complete, open the game
  • Voila, now you are ready to play one of the best TRPG game on Android devices.

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