Reasons for Choosing Animation as a Career Option?

by Jaswanth D

Animation is one of those most sought-after art forms which people love to watch. However, few know or understand what it takes to become an animator. Some might think that all they need is a hobbyist interest, and some might have thought that animation is just as easy as drawing with their hands, but none could be more wrong than those who are considering a career in animation.

One must realize that animation is a very demanding art form. And one must also realize that it is not enough to have a love for drawing or an interest in making moving pictures. To achieve excellence in animation requires much more than that, and one must be prepared to train hard and work even harder to fulfill his/her goal of becoming a professional animator. In this article, we will be discussing about the reasons that you should consider choosing “animation as a career option.”

What is animation?

Animation is the process of creating moving images using a sequence of drawings, which is then physically manipulated in varying ways to create the illusion of movement. Animated films, TV programs, and videos can be created and produced in any number of ways. Animation techniques vary widely with each type of animation project, ranging from simple and crude to highly sophisticated computer-generated imagery (CGI), involving a great amount of labor-intensive drawing, modeling clay figures, or sculpting figure parts in 3D space by use of computer-aided design (CAD), hand-drawn traditional animation objects executed on paper with pencils or ballpoint pen.

Are Animators in Demand?

Yes, undoubtedly. Be it 2D or 3D animators both job roles are in high demand. The employment of animators and special effects artists are anticipated to expand by 15% between 2021 and 2031, which is approximately average for all occupations. Over the next two years, there are expected to be, on average, 6,700 new jobs for animators and special effects artists. Due to this high demand, numerous trusted institutes are providing 3D animation courses in Kolkata.

Reasons to Choose Animation as a Career Option

Animation is often seen as a career option for those interested in drawing and has been practiced for thousands of years. This post will go through the many reasons to choose animation as a career option. From its wide variety of benefits to how it can help you grow and better yourself over your lifetime. Below we have chalked out a few points that would assist you in understanding why it is good to study animation.

The many reasons why we would recommend choosing animation as a career option are the following:

  • The first reason is the fact that the skills developed in becoming an animator can be applied in many fields other than simply creating animated films or videos. Not only does it make you good at conceptualizing, planning, and executing an idea but makes you a strong problem solver as well. Since the skills developed from animation can be applied to many other fields. This makes it a very versatile and flexible career opportunity.
  • Animators are also well paid in comparison to other types of artists. Due to the fact that there is such a large demand for animators, you will always have a job. It is not difficult for animators to find jobs because animation companies are always looking for new talent. If you are good at your job, it is possible to see a salary increase every year or even see yourself getting promoted. The average salary for an entry-level animator ranges anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000.  Depending on their work experience and skills as well.
  • From an artistic standpoint, the animation is probably the most versatile form of visual communication outside of live-action films. There are many different types of films that you can work on.
  • In fact, there are even animated films made for video games. Animation is also a fun way to create artistic expression.  And something that can be used in almost every area of life. Animators can use their skills to teach people about science and history. They can create graphic designs for billboards or television ads. They can even use their skills to make posters for bands or sell merchandise for bands at concerts. Animators are also currently being used to create short films which are used on websites and in TV commercials.
  • Another reason to choose this job is the fact that it can be very challenging and exciting. This gives your career a sense of high stakes and makes it more interesting to learn.

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Final Note

The most challenging aspect of this job is not actually making films. But rather learning how to create all the different types of things you need to make a film. While you will learn how to use computers, software programs, and other technology in order to create your films. You also must learn how to draw. This can be very challenging, especially for those people who have never been an artist before. Here is where animation courses come in handy. These courses assists you to get into the industry with proper skills.

Animators are a very important part of the film or video industry.  Animators must be able to think outside the box in order to visualize how things can move & act before they draw them. They must know how every object in a film will interact with other objects in a realistic manner.

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