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by Jaswanth D

Every websites is constantly working hard round the clock in order to achieve best possible rankings on Google search engine platform. In the initial stages it was very hard to determine the exact performance of any website and most of the website owners were not able to get the actual information related to their website.
Then Google developed a very important tool which is known to be as Google Search engine Console. Which enables the website to actually monitor and determine their actual performance. As a result, their actual position on Google search ranking can be easily determined.

Google Search console also provides overall results related to the website. Which also let SEO services in Dubai to focus on their weak links and bring improvements on the exact area which were neglected before. Many websites are now integrating their Google Analytics domains with Google search consoles in order to identify their exact performance and to better understand their actual SEO requirements.

Main Difference between Google Search Console and Google Analytics:

A lot of people have this misconception that Google search console and Google Analytics are the same things with different names. But that is not the case!
On the other hand, if we analyze both carefully, we will be able to find that there are so many differences that we cannot even remember all of them.
1. Google Search console is the tool which provides detailed info about the performance and the overall presence of your website on Google search engine.
On the other hand, if we examine Google Analytics closely, we will be able to understand that Google Analytics is the tool that provides multiple results related to your website.

  1. Google Analytics helps you identify that, who is opening your website page. From which area they are coming on your site. What is the exact time of their visit, what activities they performed on your website pages. How many pages they scrolled, and last but not least for how long they were present on your website.
    All these data you will be receiving from Google Analytics will be directly influencing core strategies of maintaining. And enhancing the overall performance and structure of your website and local SEO services in Dubai and its processes.

Ways of Integrate Google Search Console with Google Analytics:

Google Analytics and Google search console are vast fields. And there are numerous ways by which you can integrate both of them together to reap the maximum advantages as per your needs and requirements. Here we will be identifying and discussing some of the most important and commonly used methods by social media marketing in Dubai which you will be able to integrate your Google search console with your Google Analytics.

  • First and most important step is to provide your website to Google search console platform. Then you will have to provide the authentication related to your website.
  • Then once you are done with providing your website, you will then be provided with a code which you will enter on your website.
  • Later, you will have to integrate and link your Google search console along with the Google Analytics section.
  • Once both are integrated you will be able to generate all type of reports you are willing to have. These reports will possess all the details and necessary requirements related to your website.
  • After Analyzing all the data you received with the integration of both these tools you will be able to make better decisions related to you website.
  • You will be able to maintain and perform you SEO activities according to the results and the demographics you received from Google search console and Google Analytics integration.

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