You matter: Women, time to start loving yourself

by Jaswanth D

Being a woman is not easy. There are so many expectations placed on women, socially as well as culturally. Habits that are otherwise not healthy are lauded in women. Since equity is missing in cases, women have to work extra hard to get what their male counterparts often tend to take for granted.

Suffice to say, life for women is anything but easy. And in the midst of all this, they tend to forget themselves. Their being becomes secondary, as they try to prove themselves to the society. But enough is enough; the toll that this unnecessary pressure takes needs to be recognized and mitigated in the form of self-love.

Practical steps to start loving yourself

Self-love is not about becoming selfish, but rather, it is about taking steps to prioritize your needs, comfort, and self. Some things to do in this regard include:

Manage your periods better

PMS is often considered to be the necessary toll tax that you have to pay for being a woman, but what most don’t realize is that it can be managed better with the aid of a gynecologist in Karachi.

Furthermore, some women might also suffer from a more aggressive form, known as PMDD, in which the symptoms are aggravated. Mental health is especially fragile in this state. Instead of then suffering, get a doctor to help you with the management of the symptoms.

Delegate tasks

Women are often put under greater pressure to have all the answers. They are not given the leverage of being a human. And even if the space exists, they then put this pressure on themselves, as they are constantly trying to prove themselves.

However, that does not have to be the case. You don’t have to fall trap to this thinking, as it is harmful to say the least. This leads to exhaustion, fatigue, and burnout. Not only is your physical health greatly affected, but your mental health is also at stake.

Hence, it is vital that you become okay with delegating tasks. Asking for help does not make you weak, it just makes you a human. Stop trying to prove something to others; it is costing you your wellbeing!

It is okay to take a day off

Most women think, and rightfully so, that they have to do everything, all by themselves. But that does not always have to be the case, you know.

Sometimes, it is okay that you take a day off, and let your family figure out the logistics of things. Sure, they might struggle, and sure, they might not be able to manage perfectly, but taking breaks is imperative for your health.

Otherwise, the stress of managing work and house can lead to burnout. The person most affected in such a scenario is you, so, you need to take steps to prevent such a situation.

Pay attention to your mental health

Mental health issues like anxiety, depression, PTSD etc. are more common amongst women. The changes in their hormones every month certainly don’t help.

Hence, it is important that you pay attention to your mental health. Try helpful things like journaling, taking up a hobby, reading, positive psychology etc. so as to improve your mental health.

Similarly, try meditation, mindfulness, yoga, and exercise to improve your stress levels. If these are not helping, then you must consider getting therapy. Talking to a mental health expert can not only help in improving your mental health, but these also help in remedying the hurtful thought patterns that greatly harm the health of women.

Visit your doctor

How many times have you shrugged off matters, and resolved the queries by promising yourself to eat better, taking a Tylenol, and calling it a day? Well, this needs to stop. It is pertinent that you visit a credible doctor like Dr. Saima Zaki when you are accosted with health issues.


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