Why Should You Choose Eco-Friendly Gifts This Time?

by Jaswanth D

Whenever Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, etc., are just around the corner, the first thing that comes into our mind is what gift to give this time. 

Most of our gifts are not sustainable and good for nature. By choosing sustainable gifts, you can ensure that your presents don’t have an adverse impact on the environment.

Small changes in gifts can help our surroundings to become more sustainable and safe for future generations. However, for those who have no idea what you can give as an eco-friendly gift, here are some suggestions that can be a perfect choice for everyone, every occasion, and every household. 


A Bamboo Toothbrush

It might seem weird to you, but gifting the bamboo brush can turn out to be the best idea for a present. Think about it, what are gifts meant for? To be used every day. So, why not give an absolute essential? 

Not just in America, most people do the first thing after walking up the brush. While the habit itself is good, the brushes have become a pioneer source of the population. Plastic brushes directly end up in landfill pollution of the soil and groundwater. Not only is bamboo brush a much healthier option, but it is also good for our beloved nature. 

Your gift not only can contribute to reducing waste material but also make it easy to recycle. 


An Eco-Friendly Charger 

We can’t live without our smartphones, for a fact, and our smartphones can’t survive without chargers. It is something we use every day on repeat without any hesitation. But have you ever wondered what material most chargers are made of? Plastic. Some brands have now started using recyclable material, yet the majority of us own chargers that are made of plastic. 

Gifting an eco-friendly charger can help your family, friends, and household to become more sustainable than ever. Eco-friendly chargers work the same, or even better, as normal chargers you have. Gifting a charger itself is a unique idea if you want to put everything aside for a minute. Eco-friendly chargers are portable, lightweight, and sustainable alternatives to traditional chargers. 


Reusable Bags 

Single-use plastic bags have encouraged all of us to reuse plastic bags from time to time and again and again. But what if we don’t use plastic bags at all? Isn’t it great?

You might doubt this gift choice, but it makes a wise choice to be a present. Most plastic bags are not an economical option. But a good strong fabric shopping bag can cut the cost for about a year that you, your friend, or your family would otherwise spend on buying a plastic bag. 

You can even head out of your home to deliver the presents you have just bought. Big cotton bags are mostly multipurpose bags. It is much more effortless to carry these bags due to their lightweight, which provides them ultimate portability. You can make cotton bags as your next present, which also helps the crowded streets free from the orphan plastic bags.


Cork Yoga Mats

Most of the yoga mats we use daily have been exploiting our health for years. If you haven’t paid attention to this, the yoga mats are made of PVC, which is not easily recyclable or biodegradable. The chemicals can leach their way further into the ground and water systems polluting the groundwater and oceans. When you mistakenly catch those chemicals in your hands, these chemicals can go into your body.

On the other hand, cork yoga mats make a great alternative to these plastic yoga mats. These eco-friendly yoga mats are perfect for practicing these poses, even just to lay down and rest. Additionally, you will be happy to know that the cork is the same material used for a hundred years to make the wine bottle lids. Further, you will also be happy to know that no chemicals, bleach, or dyes are used to make these yoga mats. Every fiber of these yoga mats is hand-harvested, wasted, stitched, and weaved organically, making them one of the best eco friendly gifts.

Because the yoga mat is something we use every day, altering your choice of gifts alters the way of life of your receiver. So, why not do it for good? 

Bamboo Office Gifts 

Neither humidity or dry air has a negative impact on bamboo products. So, these accessories make a good option to put on your desk. Items such as bamboo office accessories are affordable when you think about your budget too. You can choose anything from a bamboo pen to a calculator. Along with being sustainable, another benefit of buying bamboo products is that these products are affordable and easily available. 

If your receiver is an office employee, you can help them with these lightweight, biodegradable, and suitable products. They can easily put these accessories in their bag without making it extra heavy. 

These products can give their office desk a warm and sophisticated look, which can be retained for several years. 


Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

When someone uses eco friendly cleaning products, it means that they eliminate chances for all toxic chemicals related to exploiting their home. You can help your friend to do so and make their house more sustainable than ever. 

Zero waste, eco-friendly cleaning products, when used in the kitchen or bathroom, can remove all the grease and limescale. These products are an excellent choice for a gift as removing the dirt and annihilation the dangerous chemicals will get eliminated. 

Most of the chemicals we use in your household do clean the surface of everything but also leave toxins that eventually make their way into your body, commonly through touch. So, giving eco-friendly cleaning products as a gift not only makes your friends and family happy but also keeps them healthy and away from toxins. 

Eco Day is an eco-friendly store for all nature lovers. The store offers eco-friendly products for everyone that are also amazing to provide as gifts. So with Eco Day, you are not shopping for the gifts alone but also for sustainability. 

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