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by Jaswanth D

When you compare the web hosting services of a shared server with a fast-performing VPS hosting in India. You will soon realize some of the key major distinctions between the two options. 

Of Course, if you are new to the online market and still in the process of establishing your website, a shared server will work just fine. 

But when you already have a fully operational website receiving moderate traffic. You will discover, that the resources and the common space of shared hosting service aren’t sufficient anymore.

Thankfully, VPS hosting is there for you to upgrade quickly and handle the growing elements of a developing business. 

VPS India is a much more flexible, safer, and durable hosting choice. As a cost-effective solution that can resolve all your concerns, it has grown immensely in popularity in recent years. 

Most website owners of small to medium-sized businesses use this type of hosting to handle a moderate rate of traffic volume. It is a wonderful answer to shared hosting resource limitations and dedicated servers’ high exuberant costs. 

Most service providers offer managed and unmanaged VPS services. So, you are free to pick the option that best fits your current position. 

VPS in India offered by Serverwala cloud data centers can be used as a great example to highlight the seamless and efficient functions of this service. You could easily scale up or down your tools to meet your ever-changing requirements. 

In this article, you will get to know about VPS Hosting, What the need for VPS Hosting in India, the Key features of VPS Hosting and Why should you choose Serverwala’s cheap VPS India Services For your Website.

About VPS Hosting India

Let us present you with a detailed explanation of virtual private server or VPS hosting services, added with information explaining its operations.

A VPS hosting in India, to function efficiently utilizes its own operating systems, RAM, and a portion of the primary server’s storage. The process is accomplished by dividing a physical server offered by the hosting provider. It gets split into different virtual subsections with the help of hypervisor software. 

A VPS Hosting India cheap can be viewed as the middle platform between two widely used servers (Shared and Dedicated servers). Mainly because it incorporates key operative elements of shared hosting while using dedicated resources that contribute to reaching greater performance levels. 

Also, given an isolated environment set up, no other users can affect the efficiency of your website. That is why it is considered one of the most dependable solutions for web hosting services as each user gets to operate their individual private server at a reasonable expense.

What is the Need for VPS Hosting in India?

A VPS hosting service solution is regarded as a low-cost and high-performance server. In the perfect sense, many small business owners are now capable of affording a web hosting package that can offer great uptime and intense productivity to their daily functions. 

Also, it can be used as a tool to reach a wider audience. So to clarify the importance of VPS India, here are some key factors explaining why it has become one of the effective web hosting platforms-

High Availability

When you decide to enter the online market, every second counts, also if you are maintaining a website with a high downtime rate, you must know that it affects both SEO rankings and user experience negatively. 

A smart website owner knows that to gain the trust of visitors, they need to provide elevated performance. A VPS hosting platform effortlessly uses its robust infrastructures to give visitors a better user experience and high-speed page loading immediately.


When you search for VPS hosting services in the market. You will find that most service providers claim to deliver the highest safety measures. 

Also, you need to find a web hosting company that has a solid track record of providing services like SSL certificates, DDoS protection, heavy backup system, spam filters, and data loss prevention. 

A VPS hosting solution is a sensible path to safeguard your website’s sensitive information from being attacked or worse removed.

Focused Business Operations

We understand the hardships of being a website owner in these times when competition is so rampant. But luckily now that you have established your website online. But, it is time for you to focus on more important tasks to extend your reach. A VPS hosting solution is the best method to accomplish this. 

When you buy this service from a reputable service provider. You will discover, how effortlessly all the important duties of the server’s Maintenace and upgrades get handled by a skilled team of professionals. 

This valuable help can be significant for someone who doesn’t have the needed technical skills to carry out heavy tasks.

Key Features of VPS India for Online Businesses

vps india

When you operate a website, you want excellent features to work with, so that you can produce great results. VPS hosting in India gives major beneficial advantages that can boost your performance ranks to a higher degree. 

Some of the leading advanced features of Best VPS hosting India are mentioned here-

Adaptable and Dedicated Resources

The server’s resources are the backbone of the hosting services, without them, websites cannot function to the highest potential. 

VPS Server Hosting India presents you with an isolated environment to work with dedicated resources that are allocated as per your requirements. 

On a shared server platform, all the websites have accessibility to the same amount of resources. This incorporates limited amounts of RAM, CPU, and bandwidth as well as other vital elements necessary for efficient performance. 

In this view, VPS hosting is unique. When you get a VPS hosting plan in India, you get to configure it based on your website demands and needs. The resources are assigned to your personal use, without anyone’s influence. 

In addition, as your website starts to grow, you can expand your resources as well without much hassle.

Enhanced Security Measures

It doesn’t matter if you are large or small in terms of scope. If you have an active website online, then you are in possible danger of an online attack. That is why safety is the number one focus point of all business owners across the board.

With the use of VPS hosting in India, you can rest assured that all your sensitive client information will be protected. 

Also, cheap VPS India hosting gives you the control and power to enforce safety features of your preference. It is simple to integrate methods such as firewalls and malware detection into this platform. 

When you use a reliable service provider to host your website. You can review the added protection components first and configure them as per your requirements.

Increased Uptime

A high level of uptime is something all website owners would want. It indicates that visitors to your website can access it at any given moment. This feature is extremely beneficial for smaller businesses that are still in the developing phase. 

A great uptime rate helps to navigate heavy traffic volumes smoothly. That is why it is important to have a hosting service solution that can deliver high and improved uptime levels. A VPS India comes with a 99.90% uptime rate, with each plan and package.


When you established your business website, your goal must have been to reach a large number of people. It is a fact. The expansion of business and success is the primary objective of any business. 

So, if you are on that path of progress, then a VPS hosting in India can prove itself to be a viable solution. 

As one of the most scalable options out there, it grants you high power and authority to make the needed changes when necessary. Most VPS plans come with resources and tools that can be expanded over time just at the same moment when your business begins to develop. 

Serverwala- Cheap VPS Hosting Provider in India

Usually, VPS hosting is a known and recognized next step for any website owner who has been working on a shared server platform. 

In most cases, the limitations and risks of shared servers compel users to upgrade and shift towards VPS hosting framework. So when you start to experience serious delays and slow page loading times on your website, then it is time to move to VPS hosting in India. 

Your main objective needs to stay focused on your website’s high increased performance with strict safety standards. Serverwala cloud data centers services for VPS hosting in India comes at a cheaper cost. 

Being one of the top service companies in the industry, they are well-regarded. Behind this high praise rests the confidence of satisfied customers. 

If you are looking for a more advanced hosting platform, Serverwala VPS hosting is the perfect solution to resolve all concerns. You get to have high control over your resources with top-notch security services. 

Besides, if you lack strong technical skills and experience, don’t panic. They have a trained team of engineers working 24×7 to offer you the best guidance possible.


It can be challenging to launch a business website, regardless of its scope and reach. So big congratulations to you. Now that you have crossed this hurdle, it is time to explore new exciting avenues to promote your business to a wider audience.

As the online market is getting competitive, it becomes important to stand out and deliver great services. VPS India can be used as an effective tool to boost the performance level of your business. With fast loading time and heavy security measures, your website will grow its reach immediately. 

Serverwala’s VPS Server in India is a low-cost solution that can promote your website ranking and support marketing your services to new audiences. They offer fantastic support in resource allocation, tech assistance, and high network connectivity. 

Visit Serverwala’s official website to learn more about added benefits associated with VPS hosting services-

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