Varun Bigg Boss Contestant: Family, Wife, Age & Much More!

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Varun Kamalakannan, also commonly recognized by the name Varun Bigg boss, is a well-recognized Indian-based actor in the current era. The main reason why Varun Bigg boss is so famous right now is because of his appearance in the 5th season of the Bigg Boss Tamil House show as a primary contestant.  

Varun Bigg boss was born on the 22nd of December, 1992, on a Tuesday. That being said, it should be evident that Varun Bigg boss is around 30 years old at the present moment of his life. In order to learn more about the wife, age, family, siblings, net worth, physical appearance, and other crucial details of Varun Bigg boss, we would advise you to read this article further in detail! 

All Crucial Details About the Life of Varun Kamalakannan 

As mentioned previously, Varun got the chance to get featured in the 5th season of the Bigg Boss Tamil house show as one of the primary contestants. Having said that, you should also be aware of the fact that this season of the Bigg Boss Tamil show was hosted by Kamal Hassan. In addition to this, it was streamed on the screens by Hotstar and Disney through Vijay TV.  

Now that you know about the main reason why Varun Bigg boss is so famous right now let us also tell you more about his early life and educational background. While talking about the educational background of Varun Bigg boss, it is indeed worth mentioning that this young lad completed his primary as well as high school education in his hometown, which is based in the Chennai region of India.  

Apart from this, one of the many facts that the general public does not know about the life of Varun Bigg boss is that he belongs to a film-focused family background. With that said, you should indeed note that the name of the grandfather of Varun Bigg boss is Isari Velan. The grandfather of Varun Bigg boss, Isari Velan, is a well-recognized politician as well as an actor.  

Everything About the Career and Professional Life of Varun Bigg Boss 

At the current moment of his career and professional life, Varun Bigg boss is working for the Tamil-based film industry. Keeping that in mind, we should inform you that Varun Bigg boss gave initiation to his Tamil-focused film career in the year 2011. Furthermore, it is to be noted that the first movie of Varun Bigg boss was released at the end of the year 2011. The name of this movie is Parimala Thiraiarangam.  

This first movie in which Varun Bigg boss got the privilege to take part was produced by Actor Srimaan. At the same time, this movie was directed by Saravanan Jeevan. In association with Varun Bigg boss, an actress, Sanusha, got the chance to play the lead role in this movie. 

While talking about the professional life and career of Varun Bigg boss, we should also tell you that this young lad has wanted to become a cricketer since he was a child. However, he ultimately chose the path of acting later in his life.  

What Do We Know About the Bigg Boss Varun Family Details? 

As far as the family details of Varun Bigg boss are talked about, it is indeed worth mentioning that he belongs to an affluent and rich family background. Having said that, it would not be wrong if we said that Varun was born with a silver spoon with him!  

At the current moment, the mother, father, uncle, and grandfather of Varun Bigg boss all are well committed to their professional lives and careers. Keeping that in mind, we can say that becoming an upstanding actor should not be a great deal for Varun Bigg boss. Don’t you agree? The mother of Varun Bigg boss operates a beauty-focused organization. Furthermore, she is also the proud owner of Maha groups.  

Highlighting the Physical Traits and Appearance of Varun Bigg Boss 

As far as the physical appearance and traits of Varun Bigg boss are involved, it is to be noted that he stands at an ideal height of 5 feet and 8 inches. Furthermore, his body weight is around 75 kilograms, which is equal to 165 lbs in pounds.  

Varun Bigg boss possesses dark brown colored hair and black colored eyes. He also has fair skin. As far as his body type is concerned, there is not much data available on the internet regarding it.  


By now, you must have already gathered that Varun Bigg boss is a renowned and well-recognized actor in the current era. We have also mentioned details about the Bigg Boss Varun family in this writing in detail. Isn’t it?

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