Understanding DTG Printing For Your T-Shirt Business

DTG Printing

by Jaswanth D

Precis: Are you skimming through different search engines to find everything about DTG printing? Well, then, you have knocked down the right page. 

There are many of us who know the need for printing in this rapidly growing world. We may think of opening our own printing business but don’t know where to start. This is why we are here for your rescue, as we know if done right, you can earn a good profit like other DTG printing companies. Therefore, in this article, we will make your near and dear to the DTG printing for your t-shirt business. 

What Is DTG Printing?

Before diving deep into the DTG printing services, it’s vital to comprehend the basics of DTG printing. DTG printing is the abbreviation of Direct To Garment printing. It is also known as digital apparel printing, digital garment printing, and inkjet-to garment printing. This differs from the traditional iron-on printing method, using inkjet technologies. You can print patterns, images, shapes, and much more on textiles with the help of this printing method. You may think of the printer that everyone may have in our homes. However, the printer used in this method is quite different from the printers used at home. This method of printing requires a large inkjet printer. 

Although this method is new to the printing world when compared to others, it is a more sensible approach when you need to print smaller quantities. 

How Does DTG Printing Work?

DTG print technology functions similarly to a traditional paper printer. To begin, you will need a digital file of the design, a DTG printer with ink loaded, printer software, and the garment on which you wish to print. Whether you create or hire a designer, you may import them into the printer software.

After that, you may lay the garment on your printer’s flatbed. When you press the “Start” button on the program, the printer begins to spray the ink onto the fabric. When the printing is finished, and the printer stops operating, you may remove the cloth and set it on a conveyor drier.

DTG Printing Vs. Screen Printing

To get an answer to this section, it is first important to know about screen printing in brief. 

Screen Printing 

Screen printing is similar to stencil. We said similar, but it’s not the same. To be precise, in screen printing, the whole picture is prepared and pressed at once onto the garment rather than coloring one stencil piece at a time. The process of making stencils may seem a little time-consuming. However, once it’s made, you can print several shirts in a short span of time. Through this printing method, you can have pleasing textures as it produces the layers of the ink on the surface. Another merit of this technique is that you can resume the stencil several times. Thus making it an ideal technique for producing t-shirts for sports teams or events. 

Now, let’s go to the comparison. 

Comparison Between DTG Printing And Screen Printing 

DTG and screen printing produces high-quality prints, but their methods and prices differ. Screen printing lays the ink on top of the cloth, whereas DTG sprays the ink into the garment. Most crucially, DTG allows on-demand order fulfillment with no upfront costs, whereas screen-printed items are bought in bulk.

If you’re still not able to decide which printing process is best for you, check out this comparison table:

Features Screen printing DTG
High-quality prints Yes Yes
Unlimited color palette No Yes
Detailed designs No Yes
Bulk discounts Yes Yes
More sustainable No Yes
On-demand fulfillment No  Yes
Requires upfront investment Yes  No

From the table above, you can notice that there are multiple factors on which your decision depends. And now that you know which printing services offer which feature, you can make a wise decision. 

5 Steps To Start A T-Shirt Printing Denver

Now that you know which printing service you will employ, it is time to understand the steps to start a t-shirt printing Denver. So, here in this section, we will briefly familiarize you with the steps. 

  1. Narrow down your choices for a specific target audience. 
  2. Research what will be your startup cost and what your competitors are doing. 
  3. Use a cost-effective design program.
  4. Find a supplier.
  5. Lastly, buy a printer.

Custom DTG Printing

The technique of printing designs or pictures into the fabric using digital clothes printing technology is known as custom DTG printing. Custom printed apparel is an excellent method to show your individuality, make one-of-a-kind gifts for loved ones, or simply get stylish goods that reflect who you are. There is no better time than now. So, if you are now searching for the best DTG printing company, we have one name for you. Certified Print Co provides the best t-shirt printing Denver. They offer high-quality prints at low costs. So, why wait? Hook to their website and get the finest DTG printing online services.

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