Triund Trek perfect weekend destination

by Jaswanth D


 The Kangra valley and the snow-covered Dhauladhar peaks are just two of the breathtaking sights to behold on what may be the easiest solo Himalayan walk.


Triund is the best place to go if you want to experience Himalayan trekking without any hassles. The short but steep hike leads to Triund, and it is easily achievable in a single weekend. The challenging ascent is more than made up for by the refreshing strolls beneath the oak and rhododendron trees. Because of the diversity of songbirds that may be seen in the neighbouring trees, the walk is a birdwatcher’s heaven.


Because this trek is so easily accessible from Dharamshala or McLeodGanj and attracts so many hikers, it can be difficult to fully appreciate the area’s tranquillity.


It can be difficult to enjoy the tranquillity of the site due to the easy accessibility from Dharamshala or McLeodGanj and the great number of trekkers that undertake this journey. It can also become crowded at the summit on weekends and during peak season. The splendour of this walk is best appreciated during the workweek. A wonderful opportunity to explore the village of McLeod Ganj, commonly called “Little Lhasa,” offers vibrant Tibetan culture.

Best time for trekking:

Triund trek can be done throughout the year, except for the high winter months of January and February and the monsoon seasons of July and August.

The optimum weather for trekking is from March through June, during the spring and summer seasons. The trek is ideal for trekking and for getting away from the arid April and May temperatures with one additional layer of clothes.


The greatest time to go trekking to see the mountain peaks is after the rainy season. The journey will likely have its first snowfall in December.

How to reach:

The base camp for the walk is Dharamkot, a tiny village near McLeodGanj. Only 2 kilometres separate Dharamkot from McLeodGanj, and it takes 25 minutes to walk there from the bus stop.


From McLeod Ganj, which is 8 kilometres away, you can also hire cabs or cars.

Reaching from Delhi:

The most efficient way to reach McLeodGanj from Delhi is by overnight bus. You can get off buses in McLeod Ganj’s core area and travel to Dharamshala.


There are two bus departure possibilities from Delhi. Some buses go to Dharamshala from Majnu Ka Tila (formally known as New Aruna Nagar colony) in Delhi’s north or from ISBT Kashmiri gate.


Reaching from Chandigarh:

You can take a direct bus from Chandigarh ISBT to McLeod Ganj if you are coming from there.


Chandigarh ISBT provides buses for nighttime travel (sector 43). 

Difficult portions of the trek:

One of the simpler treks in the Himalayas is the Triund trek, which can be completed on your own if you take the route that leads from the Gallu Devi shrine.


  1. When hiking through areas with slippery rocks and stones. Wear the appropriate footwear for hiking and bring trekking poles with you.
  2. There are areas of the trek that are higher and more slippery if you are starting from the alternate route of the Bhagsu waterfalls. It is uncommon for novice hikers to use this path

The temperature of the trek:

The weather will change depending on what time of year you walk. You should anticipate daytime temperatures of 16 to 25 degrees if you go hiking in the summer. It can get as low as 7 to 10 degrees at night.

After monsoons and in the months leading up to winter (September to December), you can anticipate a reduction in temperature. With daytime highs between 14 and 18, the weather will be fairly agreeable. It can go as cold as 1 to 5 degrees at night.

Things needed for the trek:

Make sure you have a quality tent with you if you plan to camp alone in Triund. Have a sleeping bag that can survive 0 degrees, a liner for cleanliness, as well as a light foam mat, in addition to the tent.


Bring a tiny shovel with you so you may make a kitty hole and cover it in case you need to urinate. On the Triund walk, there are no restrooms or other services.


Here is the list of items to bring if you are not camping during the Triund walk.


Finally, I want to encourage everyone who has a wandering soul to embark on a walk. The opportunity of a lifetime, certainly! The pebbles and stones on your path will impart invaluable life lessons to you. Your inner nerves will undoubtedly relax during the ride. I wish everyone understood the power of calm as much as I do. Mother Nature always attempts to teach us this lesson, but we don’t pay attention.


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