Tips To Fix YourcCPU Fan By Computer Repair In Whitehall

by Jaswanth D

A stopped CPU fan is one of the most common issues that experts at Computer Repairs In Whitehall tackle daily. Despite its apparent simplicity, the problem is not easily solved. You were enjoying your favorite game when your computer overheated, leading you to lose your streak. After careful study, your computer suddenly shuts down, and you discover that the CPU fan is only continuously idle. For this, we have shaped this article so that you may rectify CPU fan problems on your own.

Tips To Fix Your Not Working CPU Fan By Experts At Computer Repair In Whitehall 

There are several possible causes for your CPU fan to stop working. This could be due to an issue with the fan, the motherboard, or the power supply. It is also possible that your fan has become clogged with dust that has accumulated over time. If you don’t know about your pc and you don’t want to get it more damaged trying to fix it, contact Happy Fix or any other expert electronics repair In Whitehall.

What Should You Look For If The Fan On Your CPU Isn’t Spinning?

The CPU fan’s job is to keep the processor from overheating and crashing your computer. You will hear a characteristic sound when you turn on your computer for the first time. Central processor unit fan failure is common in desktop and portable computers.

A faulty CPU fan could be the source of any or all of the following problems:

  • It may have a fan problem if your computer randomly shuts down and won’t turn back on until you manually hit the Power button.
  • The PC will not boot – Check to verify if the CPU fan is turning on if your computer cannot boot. This could result in motherboard failure.
  • If you turn on your computer and see only a blank screen, it’s possible that the CPU fan isn’t spinning.
  • The central processor unit fan does not turn on when you turn on the system.

Reasons For The Computer Fan Not Turning On?

I’ll explain why your CPU fan suddenly stopped working and then show you a variety of fixes to get it running again. If none of these suggestions work, you must take it to the computer and Cell phone repair store in Whitehall. Relax; unless there is evident damage, you will most likely not need to replace your fan.

Restart The Computer

While many of you have likely tried it, plenty hasn’t even considered it. Simply restarting the machine may resolve the problem.

Remove Any Dust From The Fan

Computers and their components are not always the most durable of devices. One such component is the CPU fan. The fan takes air into the computer and expels it, keeping the CPU at an appropriate working temperature. This fan will eventually become dust-blocked, causing it to stop working. When a computer’s fan stops working, it’s usually because the CPU and fan have become dusty over time. It may damage the CPU if it becomes too hot.

Replacing Power Supply

You’re probably aware that if your power source fails, your fan will not be able to rotate. As a result, before attempting to replace the motherboard or CPU, a new power supply should be tested.

Clear The Wire From The Fan Blades

Due to the low torque produced by CPU fans, the wires leading to the fan motor may prevent the blades from rotating. Disassemble the fan and inspect the blades for tangled cables or other debris. Apply some adhesive to the wire that runs to the fan to keep it from becoming entangled in the blades.

Reset The BIOS

Another viable alternative is to reset the BIOS, as the BIOS is in charge of controlling the fan in your computer.


Do computer cooling fans ever need to be turned off?

You should not turn off the CPU fans; otherwise, your system may overheat to potentially dangerous levels. You must determine the source of the problem as soon as possible if your computer fan stops working. This usually happens when a part wears out and needs to be replaced.

How do you silence your computer’s fan if it’s too loud?

Begin by cleaning the fans, next check Task Manager to see if any apps are taking up too much processor and space, and finally, make sure your computer is not overheating.

What’s the deal with my pc having power but not turning on?

If the motherboard light is illuminated, but the computer still does not boot, the issue may be with the power button or the wires that connect to it.


If your computer’s central processing unit (CPU) fan isn’t turning on or operating properly, this article may be of assistance. A non-rotating CPU fan can be rectified in a variety of ways. If the fan isn’t moving air, it’s generally because the blades are dirty or something obstructs the airflow. Please do not hesitate to contact Happy Fix Computer Repair In Whitehall experts if you encounter any problems.

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