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by Jaswanth D

We’re living in an era of modernity and fashion where people are shifting more towards blinds and shades yet the importance of curtains is deniable. Curtains are the most used window treatments all around the globe and offer plenty of amazing benefits alongside featuring some drawbacks, which of course, are present in all the other decor essentials, too.

The advancement in technology has favored curtains because modern designs and innovative styles have been introduced that can completely change the course of your interior. Back then, curtains were considered a traditional way of covering windows however they can totally make your interior elegant-looking equally to blinds or shades.

Advantages Of Having Curtains In Your Interior

We’ll start with the benefits of choosing curtains as your window treatments to help you decide whether this purchase is valuable or not.

1. Curtains Improve Your Interior Decor

The first and foremost advantage of having curtains is that you can choose from a wide variety of options to select one that matches your interior decor. Also, you can customize the design, color, pattern, texture, style, and many more aspects of curtains to have a unique piece that can uplift the aesthetics of your interior and will also be a pure reflection of your aesthetic taste.

2. Insulate Your Interior

Curtains, depending upon the type of fabric, can also insulate your room up to the best possible extent. Also, you can use them in combination with blinds to achieve better results in this concern. Hence, they can help reduce your electricity bills to a considerable extent and help you financially. However, as said before, the extent of insulation will depend solely upon the fabric material of the curtain.

3. Provide Furniture Protection

Curtains, being window coverings, can restrict the amount of incoming sunlight so as to help prevent furniture damage due to fading. Otherwise, exposure to the UV rays of the sun for a prolonged period can cause the surface layer of your furniture items to fade, thus making them look unattractive.

4. Add Privacy To Your Interiors

Of course, curtains can add much-needed privacy to your rooms by restricting the peeping eyes only to the windows. Also, with the right fabric, you can even create a blackout experience in your interior.

5. Curtains Can Reduce Incoming Noise Levels

Depending upon how thick your curtain fabric is, it can reduce the level of incoming noise. Thus, you can get rid of noise disturbance and enjoy a quality sleep while some quality curtains are framing your windows.

6. An Affordable Window Covering Option

The reason for curtains being used the most is their affordability. Besides, curtain accessories like rods, tracks, etc are also inexpensive and can be easily replaced in case of any damage.

7. Available In Versatile Options

Curtains are available in a wide variety of options and are customizable as well, meaning you’ll not find it difficult to get what you’re looking for. You can choose the style, design, size, pattern, texture, and most importantly fabric material according to your personal preferences.

Disadvantages Of Having Curtains In Your Interior

As with all the decor essentials, no doubt, curtains also hold some drawbacks. We’ve listed them ahead so as to help you make an informed decision on whether or not to purchase these window coverings, considering all the plus points as well as disadvantages.

1. Regular Cleaning & Maintenance Needed

Well, it’s not a kind of disadvantage actually but care, of course. You need to clean your silk curtains on a regular basis so as to prevent them from looking dull and drab. Also, periodic maintenance with a routinely deep cleaning is also necessary.

2. Take Up More Space

In comparison to blinds and shades, curtains take up more space, thus covering a large surface area of the room. Adding to that, these window coverings, if not perfectly matching your interior decor, can rob your interior of its beauty.

3. Don’t Have Smart Control

Another major disadvantage of having curtains is that these window coverings can’t be controlled using a remote or by any digital means as they aren’t motorized. Hence, you need to manually open and close them manually and spend a lot of your precious time doing this.

4. Susceptible To Fading And Staining

Curtains have a high chance of getting stained and can also be damaged by the UV rays of the sun because they have to stay in direct sunlight all day long. And, when the color of fabric material fades away or gets lightened, curtains won’t appear the same delightful window coverings they used to be in the beginning.

The Final Note

Here, we’ve described the pros and cons of getting curtains for your interior. Considering all these factors, it is concluded that curtains can be an ideal window treatment because they can add privacy, improve the interior style, and are versatile. Plus, they also provide many other functional benefits to your interiors. And, you just need to take well care of them and select the right fabric material that can resist staining and fading.

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