What You Need to Know Before Using a Text Blast Service

by Jaswanth D

A text blast service is a great way to engage with customers and boost conversion rates. These services are available as free trials or as full-scale solutions. They help you track your customers, engage them with your offers, and improve your services. This article will discuss a few of the things you need to know before using a text blast service.


A TCPA text blast violation can have devastating financial consequences. The fine for a TCPA violation can range from $500 per message to $1,500 per offense. The FCC and state attorneys general have the authority to pursue a case against you. To avoid being penalized for a TCPA violation, organizations should work with a legal team and consult with their compliance officers.

The TCPA sets stricter requirements for commercial text communications. Nonprofit organizations are exempt from the stricter rules, but must obtain the consent of their members or acquire their phone numbers in a manner that implies consent.

Code of conduct

Before sending out a text blast, it is crucial to obtain written consent from consumers. This can be done by completing an opt-in form or by checking a box. The process should never be mandatory, and consumers should never feel pressured to sign up for promotional messages. According to the FCC, it is against the law to send text messages to individuals without their prior written consent. Additionally, businesses are required to obtain written consent before adding new subscribers. However, this does not necessarily mean getting a paper signature. It simply means that they obtain documentation indicating that the person they want to include in their contact list has agreed to receive text messages from them.

In addition, text blasts must follow a Code of Conduct developed by the Wireless Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA). The CTIA is a nonprofit trade association representing the wireless carriers. The organization developed best practices for SMS short codes, and actively audits all SMS short code programs in the US to ensure companies abide by the guidelines. The CTIA aims to protect consumers by ensuring that texts are sent to those who have explicitly requested them and have not been tainted with malware, phishing, and unwanted content.

Unregistered text blast machines

Unregistered text blast machines are radio equipment that sends text messages through cellular networks without registration. These machines violate the Radio Control Law and the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012. Although these devices are illegal, they are increasingly being used to promote political campaigns. They are available for purchase online on sites like eBay and Carousell.

The National Telecommunications Commission has slammed the activity of these machines, and has ordered the sale of text blast machines by Facebook, Lazada, and Shopee to cease. In addition, the NTC said that there was no authorization for the Hitech SMS blaster or the SMS location blasting system.

Effectiveness of tiny URLs

Using tiny URLs in text messages can drive significant engagement, build brand awareness, and increase purchasing intent. In fact, studies show that SMS marketing messages with tiny URLs have up to ten times the click-through rate of emails. This is especially important if you are trying to reach the 15-25 year-old “Text Generation” demographic. These individuals are among the most lucrative and hard-to-reach consumer demographics. You can also use tiny URLs to incorporate polls to increase brand awareness and purchase intent.


When it comes to boosting your customer engagement, you should consider incorporating a poll into your text blasts. It is an easy way to improve brand awareness, build brand loyalty and increase purchase intent. You can also insert a URL or digital coupon into the text message, which is particularly effective for generating engagement.

Text messages are typically read within three minutes of receipt, and almost half receive a response. A personalized message, on the other hand, generates higher response rates and greater customer engagement. With more than a thousand messages per day reaching consumers, incorporating personalization is an effective way to attract new customers and retain current ones.

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