Top 6 Soundcloud Music Promotion Tricks for All Newbie Musicians

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Soundcloud is a site with millions of users that allows people to upload songs for others to listen to. It is an excellent platform for artists to make their songs known, and it is one of the best websites to learn how to use the program. Soundcloud is also a great starting point for learning the music promotion techniques that are required in the industry.

Music streaming is overgrowing, not just among the young and hip. That is why more people are turning to other music promotion methods, such as Soundcloud. Soundcloud promotion has become a popular way for musicians to get their music out there and give it some exposure. However, to get your tunes heard by thousands of people daily, you need certain tricks. One of the practical tricks is to buy Soundcloud likes so that people automatically get attracted to your content.

Repost Other People’s Tracks If They Have a Similar Genre or Style As Yours

  • For this trick, you need to have another already established account. This person has already made a track in a genre similar to your own or in a very similar style. 
  • This process may differ depending on the type of account you wish to create. 
  • For example, if you wish to hear your electro-house songs heard by an established DJ with many followers, it will be best to create a new account instead of using someone else’s.

Get Your Songs Rated by Other Users

An excellent way to get your song noticed is to rate other people’s songs. You can check the likes, dislikes, and comments on a track you have previously rated, and if someone has rated a lot of your music, you can return the favor. You will see that person’s name at the top of their tracks, and you can go back through their history to see what types of songs they like.

It would help if you Created A Killer Bio.

  • When you first join Soundcloud, your bio is blank. It is a good idea to fill in all the information on your bio to make it attractive. 
  • You can include your location, interests, and what influenced you to make music. If you are new to the site and have yet to listen to many people’s music, it will be best for you to research other profiles. 
  • Take note of what comes up when you search for similar artists, and try to imitate that as much as possible. 
  • It includes social networks, websites, genres, and so on. It is a good idea to keep the information short but very attractive so that fans will want to click the links and find out more about you.

You Should Join Groups On Soundcloud

Joining groups is another great way of getting your music noticed by others on the site. This is because many different people will listen to each track, and you will get a lot of feedback. 

People looking at your tracks in groups do not listen to the music they want to share with others, but they come back repeatedly to see what other people think. So if someone likes your song, you can check out the other tracks that person likes, and you can get a bigger audience for your music this way.

Get More Soundcloud Followers

  • It is true that the more followers you have, the bigger your chance of getting noticed by brands and other musicians. So it is always great to get more Soundcloud listeners and increase your total number of Soundcloud plays. 
  • For this, consider to buy SC likes, as it will help you get more traffic on your profile. 
  • You should not just ask people to follow you because many others will do that. Instead, engaging with your fans and keeping them interested in your music and art is always better.

Participate In Contests

Participating in contests is an excellent way of getting the exposure you need for your music. Most of the time, contests on social networks or websites allow artists to promote their work. 

The company that holds the contest will announce it through their platforms, and you will get a submission link for approval. Then, you need to click on the link, and you can start submitting your music. 

The most important thing is to like the recordings from other artists so that the judges will know that you are involved with many other people’s work and will listen to them more quickly than most people who submit their work.


Many people think they will need more than being a Soundcloud user to get noticed. On the contrary, it can be a great way to gain more followers and increase your music’s exposure just by uploading quality tracks there. You can also use other methods like rating other songs, participating in social media contests, and so on.

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