Some Path Breaking Treatments to cure your chronic pain!

Some Path Breaking Treatments to cure your chronic pain!

by Jaswanth D

Any pain can upset your life! You have one life, and you indeed wish to live it well! The worst part begins when the pain experienced in your body becomes chronic, and no medicine works on it! Your routine tasks get challenging to manage, and you may stay in bed all the time. The disconnect with the outside world keeps widening. But it’s not yet time to sulk! Dr. Seth’s reviews by his patients reveal that they have been cured of their chronic pain owing to his excellent and effective Integrated Pain management treatment! Yes! It’s true, and for the same reason, Dr. Nikesh Seth has been in the news, often talking about his various treatment plans and their outcomes. You can contact Dr. Nikesh Seth of subsys to get some help for your chronic pain. Get started here!

It’s time to unveil some of the effective treatments for which Dr. Nikesh Seth has been in the news!

Treatment # 1: Joint Injections

Are you someone who is faced with joint pain and stiffness? Dr. Nikesh Seth’s reviews by patients suffering from the same have shared that Joint injections as a part of integrated pain treatment for them went a long way in reducing stiffness and joint pain caused by inflammation and irritation. Dr. Nikesh Seth, in the news, when asked about the effectiveness of the joint injections, shared that it has anti-inflammatory properties because it provides the patients with immediate pain relief.

How are the Join Injections given?

Firstly the affected joint is checked through an ultrasound machine, and then a needle is placed into the joint under a live ultrasound. Then a steroid and local anesthetic is injected into the joint to reduce inflammation in joints and pain. As per Dr. Seth’s reviews, you can get this treatment done at all three clinics in Greater Phoenix Valley. The various types of Joint Injections available are:

  • Epidural steroid injections
  • Corticosteroid injections
  • Hyaluronic acid injections

Resume your everyday life with joint injections as per recommendation from Dr. Nikesh Seth and his team of pain doctors.

Treatment # 2: Chiropractic Care

Another reason why Dr. Nikesh Seth is in the news quite often is owing to the Chiropractic care offered to patients. It ensures proper body alignment, especially of the musculoskeletal structure and spine, that leads to the body’s healing. Dr. Seth’s reviews by patients who have undergone Chiropractic Care at his clinic said that it avoided their surgery and the intake of pain killers in their life to manage their chronic pain. Chiropractic Care is the best treatment offered as part of Integrated Pain Management Treatment; it relieves muscle, bones, connective tissue, and joint pain.

Treatment # 3:  Kyphoplasty

Are you someone who is suffering from spinal compression fractures owing to either spinal fractures or cancer-damaged vertebrae? Dr. Nikesh Seth has been raving in the news due to this treatment for his patients and the outstanding results. It kicks in when no other remedy for back pain has worked! It is a spinal procedure where the bone cement is injected directly into the fractured or damaged vertebra to reduce pain.

The various conditions that can be treated with kyphoplasty:

Some conditions that can be treated with kyphoplasty as per Dr. Seth’s reviews by patients are:

  • Osteoporosis
  • Bone cancer metastasis
  • Trauma
  • Vertebral/spine fracture
  • Compression fractures

Treatment # 3: Medication Management

Medication Management is at the forefront of the Integrated Pain Management Treatment by Dr. Seth as per reviews after a proper diagnosis of the patient’s condition.

The benefits observed owing to this treatment in patients are:

  • Reduce the intake of painkillers to manage pain.
  • Reduce your chronic pain- especially leg and back pain.
  • Increased function and mobility
  • Reduction in pain medication
  • Reduction of inflammatory proteins
  • Avoidance of surgery


There is no better place you can trust for your chronic pain management than Dr. Nikesh Seth. For the same reason, you will often find Dr. Nikesh Seth in the news with raving reviews from his patients as they can get back to their everyday and quality life. Moreover, when you consult Dr. Nikesh Seth and his team of doctors, you can expect innovative non-surgical pain treatments, individualized treatment plan to cure your chronic pain, quick same-day appointments, and a highly qualified doctor to service you. To get relief, contact Dr. Nikes Seth of subsys is the place to contact for sure!

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