Portuguese-Certified Translation Services

by Jaswanth D

A translator has done a certified Portuguese translation. The translator will also issue a certificate certifying that the document was accurate and complete. Portuguese accredited translations of birth certificates, marriage certificates and affidavits required.

These documents required by courts, immigration departments, and other government departments. Because it takes more qualification and processing than a regular Portuguese translator, certified Portuguese translations may be more expensive than the standard translation.

Certified Translation Standards per Country

A Portuguese translator who works in the legal profession must provide a certified Portuguese translation. The regulations of the local Court/Judicial Council will determine the certification options for the Portuguese translation in the legal field. If the translation is to appear in any Court of the U.S., the translator must be certified by the State Court.

The certified translator must sign a statement certifying that the translation is correct and complete compared to the original document. The legal translation must be presented in U.K. courts if it is required. In such cases, the translator must take an oath before the solicitor or authorized official. This known as filing an affidavit.

When a translation document must be submitted to the U.K. court, the legal translator must file an affidavit. An official translator must be certified as a sworn one to work in the field of legal translation in Portugal. To become a Sworn Translator, the translator must take an oath before the Judicial Council and produce an affidavit.

Attested by the Foreign Affairs Ministry in a country, certified translations usually accepted by immigration departments, naturalization departments and other government departments from foreign countries. Some countries provide translation associations with certification that translators can return certified Portuguese translations.

Depending on the application and location, there are many ways to define certified Portuguese translation. There are many cases, such as technical translations, where the client requires certification according to the ISO and DIN EN standards. Many other areas of Portuguese translation accept a plain statement of a translator along with the translation.

This is where the translator has vouched that the work was accurate and complete. These translations consider certified Portuguese translations if they include the statement from the translator.

Please find out more about our Portuguese-certified translation services.

Portuguese Document Translation Certification

Clients who require certified translations services from Portuguese to English or English to Portuguese served by our Portuguese-to-English and English-to-Portuguese services.

These official translations can present Portuguese legal documents to the appropriate authorities in the USA, Brazil and Portugal.

Certified Portuguese Translators

Versatile Languages professional Portuguese translators are certified Portuguese Legal Translators. Their experience and expertise are what make them stand out.

Before we send you the final document, every certified Portuguese translation has been double-checked for quality by a professional Portuguese editor and proofreader.

Our Portuguese-English translation of Portuguese s complies with U.S. certification requirements. Many satisfied customers have used our translations.

English to Portuguese Certified Translation

Versatile Languages English-to-Portuguese translations are compliant with Brazilian certification requirements. They can be use as legal documents in U.S. courts, Brazilian immigration departments, law offices, real property transactions, and other public divisions. We will assist you with any form of notarization or certification required for your project.

Confidentiality is our Legal Portuguese Translation

As part of our service agreement, all translations subject to a confidentiality and security policy. No additional charge is charged for professional Portuguese legal translators. They also include a confidentiality agreement in their translations. On request, NDAs nondisclosure arrangements can be provided.

Certified Portuguese translation

Versatile Languages certified Portuguese translations are accurate to the source material. They are signed and sealed by a Portuguese translator to ensure that courts and immigration offices, and government agencies accept them.

Our professional Brazilian legal translators have U.S. legal backgrounds and will translate and check your documents. All necessary formalities can be completed so that your documents are available for use in American court proceedings and in Brazil.

Official Portuguese Translation

A certified translation is the translation of a document into another language. A professional translator does this type of translation. The translator must be fluent in both languages to ensure that the translation is accurate and effective.

A certified translation process creates a legally binding document that U.S. authorities can acknowledge, courts, and academic institutions. Versatile Languages translation services provide all these things. You may visit Languex Translation if you require fast, accurate, and affordable certified translation services.

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