6 Ways To Represent Your Popcorn in Popcorn Boxes Wholesale

Popcorn Boxes Wholesale

by Jaswanth D

Popcorn boxes wholesale are sure to be a hit with your customers. Every person has a different desire for product packaging. Furthermore, some people prefer huge popcorn boxes, while others prefer mini popcorn boxes. For superior packing, they want a variety of forms, colours, themes, and designs. If you want to catch a consumer’s attention, your popcorn cases should be personalised to the buyer’s specifications.

Significance of Popcorn Boxes Wholesale:

What is the first important thing that comes to mind as you listen to the term popcorn? The taste and aroma of popcorn in a movie or any occasion. Popcorn has become tremendously popular in every part of the world. Customers of all ages like it. They are easily accessible at a low price that fits everyone’s budget. But have you ever wondered how essential it is to make your popcorn boxes wholesale appealing? This is the main factor that every business owner always neglects. Elegant and attractive packaging is important to droll popcorn lovers.

According to the survey, popcorn has greatly contributed to the growing popularity of snacks. Popcorn has become a favourite snack for all, whether it’s movie time, cricket, or birthdays. Good packaging is required for this fantastic party nibble. Are you facing challenges in attracting the attention of popcorn lovers to your brand? The most crucial criterion is to make your popcorn boxes eye-catching. Sharing some top 6 secret ways to represent your popcorn in a great and professional manner.

1.   Always choose the most suitable material.

Those who cut costs on materials for the sake of saving can end up with a loss of lots of money. Material is the base of your custom popcorn boxes; compromising on it can collapse your packaging. No Printing or designing can be done effectively if the right material is not chosen. As a result, it’s losing its brand image. There are lots of options available for your popcorn packaging. Some materials like cardboard and Kraft are in high demand.

These materials are not only affordable but also flexible at the same time. They can be customised and moulded in any way you want. Another important consideration when selecting the material is to look for sustainability. Due to their minimal environmental impact, materials like Eco-friendly kraft paper are in high demand.

2.   Make them attractive with a unique design.

No one has enough time to look inside the box in this fast-paced world. The customer is more drawn to the outer layer of packaging. That’s why making your popcorn boxes wholesale appealing and attractive is important.

Adding different themes, catchy graphics, and bold fonts is a unique way of packaging. Moreover, you can also add handles to make your popcorn easy to carry. Thus you need to pay extra attention to the design. Ignoring it can lead to walking past your customer from your goods.

3.   Incorporate vibrant colours schemes

Colours play a significant role in our lives. It offers happening and vitality in every situation. Colours are the best way to promote and build a strong brand image. Custom popcorn boxes with a unique combination are the best way to make your packaging look good and impress buyers. For the best colour schemes, use PMS and CMYK techniques. CMYK comprises four colours. In contrast, PMS is a comprehensive design. It also has tens of thousands of colours. Both of them can give a distinctive look to your packaging.

4.   Customise it with different shapes and sizes

Customisation is the best tip for customer engagement. For popcorn, everyone has different demands. Some want large popcorn, and some prefer small. Make your popcorn boxes available in their preferred sizes to fulfil every customer’s demand. Moreover, you can also give unique shapes to your popcorn boxes. Shapes like striped, ghost, bag and bat shapes are highly in demand. If you want your customer’s satisfaction, you need to design boxes according to customers’ requirements.

5.   Use printing to give them a stunning look.

Adding printing on packaging, without a doubt, provides extra benefits and improved sales. They add charm and uniqueness to your custom-printed popcorn boxes. However, it entirely depends on your preferences and settings. If you see custom popcorn boxes that are uniquely printed and different, you will be urged to buy them. That is how printing and further add-ons like Embossing can enhance your packaging.

You can choose from various printing techniques like Offset, Digital and screen printing. A well-designed printing package is more practical than a manufactured product. However, you’ll need a lot of imagination and potential energy to achieve such fantastic results.

6.   A special mini message can attract people.

Using quotes and messages can impress buyers. Popcorn lovers love to have a special message on their wholesale popcorn boxes. This is the best source of spreading the message. You can add different dialogue to the movie or any promotional message to alert the customer. Keep your taglines as short as you can. The long text seems boring to a customer and can lose its meaning. Also, try to make them bold and prominent to attract customers.


Popcorn is the most popular snack and can surely hit customers when they are represented elegantly in custom-printed popcorn boxes. The six tips mentioned above will surely assist you in giving the best packaging to your popcorn. If you want to catch a consumer’s attention, your popcorn cases should be personalised to the buyer’s specifications.

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