Netgear Ext Not Showing Up on Network List

by Jaswanth D

Finally, you landed on the perfect article which you were searching for a while, but can’t find the solution to the issue that Netgear ext is not showing on your network list. So, don’t worry, as we are here to give you the best solution to this trouble. Just stick to the article till last and try to find why this issue has arisen and what can be done to get rid of it.

So, considering your quality time let’s get started:

Causes: Netgear Ext Not Showing Up on Network List

  • Technical glitches 
  • WiFi interference 
  • Large distance between extender and router 
  • Receiver device issue 
  • Outdated firmware 

 So, here are some reasons that can cause Netgear ext not to show up on network list. Now, take a look at the below-mentioned troubleshooting tips that can help you in getting rid of this issue:

Tip 1: Power Cycle Your Extender

Not only you, but most people are facing this issue because of technical glitches. So, what is the solution for this? Don’t worry as we have got your back. You simply have to reboot the Extender. For doing so, press the Power button of the Netgear extender and disconnect it from the wall socket. Wait for a few minutes. After that connect it again to the wall socket and turn it on.

Check whether the problem is resolved or not. If not, don’t worry. Try other troubleshooting tips mentioned below to get this issue fixed.

Tip 2: Avoid WiFi Interference 

WiFi interference can also be the main cause for Netgear ext not showing up on Network list. It’s very simple to get rid of this trouble by just wisely placing your extender. Place your extender in such a form that thick concrete walls, metals, ceramic tiles, windows, and tinted glasses that can’t become the hurdle in WiFi signals. Doing so will also help you avoid issues while accessing the Netgear Genie dashboard 

Tip 3: Minimize the Distance Between WiFi Devices

A safe distance must always be present between your WiFi devices. The more the distance, the chances of Netgear ext not showing up on network list will be more. With this, don’t make mistake by placing them too near as their WiFi signals won’t take much time to clash.

Tip 4: Receiver Device Issue

Sometimes, the issue is not with the extender but it can be with the end of the receiver. This means if the receiver device contains any type of virus it can become a hurdle in the path of the extender’s Netgear ext to appear on the network list.

If the receiver device is not updated, then also this issue can arise. Or, with this, accessing the Netgear extender WiFi from a large distance also give birth to this issue.

Tip 5: Update Firmware 

Nowadays, people don’t prefer using outdated mobile phones. Why? Because they are too slow and can’t be used in this fast-running world of the internet. Such like this, outdated firmware of Netgear extender causes several issues, and one of them is the same for resolving which you are reading this article. So timely, check whether the update is available or not. 

Here are some easy steps that you can easily follow to update your extender by accessing Netgear Genie login page of the extender:

  • Enter into your address bar
  • Type correct Netgear genie login credential 
  • And, then Select Firmware 
  • Check whether the updated version is available or not.  
  •  If yes, then follow the onscreen instructions.


We are anticipating that the aforementioned troubleshooting guidelines will assist you to get relieved from the trouble of Netgear ext not showing up on network list. Feel free to drop some lines into the comment section what was the main reason behind this issue and which troubleshooting tip you have used to resolve this issue.

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