Kraft Paper: Eco-Friendly or Not

by Jaswanth D

These days packaging materials are not only beneficial for packing and shipping products safely, but are also beneficial for the environment. With the growing concern for the environment, people are becoming more conscious towards the things they use. Therefore, they prefer to use eco-friendly packaging products to pack their items. Many e-commerce business owners are also switching to eco-friendly packaging supplies that are beneficial both to their businesses and to the environment as well. Now the question is, what are the characteristics that make a packaging material eco-friendly. Well, the answer is very simple. If a packaging material is recyclable, reusable, biodegradable, compostable and so on, then the packaging material is eco-friendly.

In this article we shall be looking at whether the kraft paper that is used as a packaging material is eco-friendly or not by keeping in mind all these characteristics. You can get a kraft paper roll both online as well as offline. Packaging Express is one of the online stores in the UK, where you can consider buying different packaging materials such as plastic carrier bags, postal bags, bubble wrap rolls, foam rolls, kraft paper rolls and so on.

Kraft paper is also known as cardboard or paperboard. You must have seen students using kraft papers for their art and craft activities. Kraft paper is highly durable. It is known for its elasticity and tear resistance capacity. Therefore, it is used for various purposes such as for wrapping products, for wrapping food items such as candies, for electrical insulation and so on.

These days kraft paper is widely used in the packaging industries and e-commerce businesses for packaging and shipping all types of products. If the kraft paper is white, then it is bleached; if it is brown, it is unbleached. It is the strongest and the most long-lasting packaging product. The word ‘kraft’ is derived from the German word which means strength. Hence, this packaging product is known mainly for its strength and durability. It is also resistant to oil and grease, hence is one of the suitable packaging materials for packaging food items.

Let Us Now See Whether The Kraft Paper Which is Known for Its Strength is Eco-Friendly or Not.

Can Kraft Paper Be Recycled?

Yes, kraft paper can be recycled. It is the process that they follow, makes this packaging material recyclable. There are several processes for making kraft paper. One such process is called the kraft process. It produces the strongest kraft paper. The other processes through which we can make kraft paper are the acidic sulfite process and the mechanic pulping process.

Kraft paper is made up of virgin wood pulp. Therefore, it is organic in nature. Because of its immense strength and durability, you can recycle it at least seven times. There are several steps that they follow to recycle the kraft paper. First the pulping is done, which is further followed by cleaning, screening, deinking and dispersion. After this, kneading is done, which is again followed by bleaching, water treatment and waste handling. Once these processes are done, the new kraft paper roll is completely ready.

Is Kraft Paper Biodegradable in Nature?

Yes, the strongest and the highly durable kraft paper is biodegradable in nature. As already mentioned, kraft paper is manufactured from virgin wood pulp. Also, kraft paper is made up of other organic material called long virgin maritime pine fibres. It takes a few weeks for the kraft paper to break down into cellulose fibres, just like the leaves of the trees. Thus, a kraft paper roll does not pollute the environment at all. This is another most important point which proves that kraft paper is eco-friendly in nature.

Is Kraft Paper Compostable in Nature?

There are a lot of similarities between the biodegradable materials and compostable materials. Both are broken down by the microorganisms. A compostable material, after being broken down, decay and fertilise the soil. Whereas, a biodegradable material decomposes, after being broken down. So, a biodegradable material is compostable, but a compostable material may not always be biodegradable.

A kraft paper is compostable in nature. But there is an exception. Only the kraft paper which is completely natural and unbleached is compostable in nature. This means only the kraft paper that is brown in colour is compostable.

Summing Up

All these points mentioned above prove that a kraft paper is eco-friendly in nature. Make sure that whichever packaging materials you use, whether postal bags or cardboard boxes, are environment friendly. Because, as a responsible citizen of the earth, it is our prime duty to protect our environment in all possible ways.

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