kareri lake trek perfect destination to spend your vacation

by Jaswanth D


You pass through lush subtropical pine forests on the Kareri Lake trek. Broad-leaf species are scattered among the chair and chilgoza pines that dominate the forests. Additionally, they serve as a haven for the easily observable, high-density birdlife (given the low canopies).


The lake-fed Nyund nallah serves as a guide and a cooling companion as the forest opens up to rocky grasslands along the trail’s latter half. Pines and shrubs are scattered throughout the forests. The lake is glacial and lies just above the snow line. All of these factors work together to make the change in vegetation types with elevation on this trail easily visible.


For those looking for alternatives to the more popular Himachal trails like Kheerganga, Prashar Lake, Triund, etc., the Kareri Lake trek is a lovely weekend excursion. This is a great beginner-level DIY trail for trekkers because it has numerous campsites and easy food options.


Quick Itinerary


A remote glacial lake located just one night’s drive from Delhi

The ideal elliptical glacial lake, Kareri Dal, is situated high between the Dhauladhar ranges.


Make a Travel Plan


Dharamshala is the busiest road head nearby. Local buses depart from Dharamshala for Ghera village at 8 a.m. The trek’s starting point, Kareri village, is about a two-hour walk from Ghera.


Alternatively, taxis are accessible from the bus stop in Dharamshala to the village of Kareri. For a group of 4-6 people, the one-way cab fare ranges from Rs 800-1000, depending on the size of the group, the vehicle, and your negotiating prowess! If you’re short on time, taking a cab is preferable because it cuts the amount of walking and traveling by about two hours.


Tents and tour guides


The only shack at Kareri Village, Sunrise Cafe, offers tents for rent and can arrange for local guides. If you’re unsure about continuing on the trail by yourself, a guide can go with you. Tents are available for rent in Kareri Village, and you can either pick them up at Reoti or carry them yourself all the way there. The following day, the same tents can be transported all the way to Kareri Village.


Visitable locations near Kareri Lake


Trek to Kareri Lake

Seeing the sights is required. Let’s say you finish your trekking trip, but you still have a day or two to kill, or you simply don’t want to go home, and you’re wondering what to do or where to go. Look no further; we have a solution for that as well.


Go to the Kangra Art Museum (5.9 km from Kareri Lake)

The location of this museum is in the center of Dharamshala. This place is a must-see and unquestionably worthwhile for your time if you enjoy history and art. You can see the impressive Buddhist and Tibetan art. Various collections of jewelry, rare coins, pottery, sculptures, etc. are also present there.


Village of Dharamkot (6.2 km from Kareri Lake)

While the majority of tourists are drawn to Dharamshala or Mcleodganj, Dharamkot has preserved its tranquil atmosphere. It truly is a hidden treasure. This is why we advise you to take a brief tour of this hippie community, which, surprise! has no roads. 


Waterfall and temple at Bhagsu (6.3 km from Kareri Lake)

This location, which is close to the village of Bhagsunag, provides the peace you’ve been searching for. The Bhagsunag temple, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is the center of worshipers’ attention, is the location’s main draw. The proximity of the waterfall and temple to one another provides the ideal amount of spiritual energy and tranquility.


The Dalai Lama temple (11.1 km from Kareri Lake)

If you’re fortunate enough to visit the temple while the Dalai Lama is there, you can hear him preach. This temple is a vital place of worship and is located not far from the Dalai Lama’s home. The teachings offered by this temple are well-known. The morning ritual is this place’s most significant characteristic. This makes it a fantastic location for achieving that mental calm. It must be seen.


Ideal Season for Visiting Kareri Lake

The Indian summer is the ideal time to visit Kareri Lake. The ideal times of year to visit Kareri Lake are from May to July and from September to November.


Tips to keep in mind 


  • Tips to keep in mind  When visiting Kareri in the monsoon, it is especially important to plan your hikes and always have rain gear with you.
  • Arrange to get food and water from Ghera if you intend to stay at Kareri Village for more than a day.
  • There are no options for cash withdrawals along the route; ATMs can only be accessed in Dharamshala.
  • Steer clear of river water. Every day, you must carry 2 liters of water. The midway shacks are a convenient place to refill the bottles.
  • At Sunrise Cafe in Kareri Village, you can make arrangements for a taxi to take you back to Dharamshala. Before beginning the trek, it is best to inquire about and make advanced arrangements for return taxis.
  • There are additional trekking routes that leave from Ghera and another that passes through the village of Nolli. But after the Nolli bridge, the trail is unchanged other than the initial detours.
  • Give us as much information as you can in the comments section below if you traveled a different route to the lake and share your best advice for completing the Kareri Lake trek.


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