Is Swiss Blue Topaz A Natural Gemstone?

by Jaswanth D

When it comes to owning a natural gemstone, the definition of natural may vary according to people and holds multiple perceptions. The clarity on the question of whether Swiss Blue Topaz Gemstone is a natural crystal or not depends on the same type of definition. If you believe that its genuineness is defined by the fact that it is obtained and formed through the natural process in our environment, then yes, Swiss Blue Topaz is a natural stone. While if you believe that genuine crystals should remain away from any kind of color treatment or enhancement procedures, then you must know that every shade of blue topaz is heated to bring out their color from colorless white Topaz.

Shading of Swiss Blue Topaz Jewelry

The striking color of your Swiss Blue Topaz Jewelry that you admire so much comes after several procedures. Have you wondered how the beautiful shades that you today know in the form of London Blue Topaz and Swiss Blue Topaz actually occur? Topaz are generally found in our environment in a natural form that can occur in any color(usually brown). Every shade of blue you see in the crystal comes after heating it or irradiating it.

Not just topaz, but many other Gemstone Jewelry found in the market today go under such treatments to bring out their actual color and appearance. Yet, it is quite a task to obtain the same blue shade found in Swiss Blue Topaz Jewelry; thus, you must consider yourself lucky if you have one.

Swiss Blue Topaz Jewelry

People love flaunting the stone on special occasions such as engagements, anniversaries, birthdays, etc., and casual occasions. Couples love to shine Swiss Blue Topaz Ring as their wedding band and also want to cherish its beauty in their daily lives. Thus, you might see more shining blue crystals on people today than in earlier times. In earlier jewelry fashion, blue gemstones symbolized prestige, status, and reputation as they were pretty valuable. Stones like blue sapphire had contributed well to building up the reputation of such height for blue-colored gems, which are precious to acquire.

But today, with the availability of more affordable varieties such as Swiss Blue Topaz, people are carrying it in their everyday jewelry wardrobe. If you also intend to wear this gem in your routine, we suggest you pair it up with Sterling Silver Jewelry. As it is a more resistant option that can protect your jewelry from getting scratched easily, thus you can confidently wear it without worrying about maintenance.

Taking Precautions for Swiss Blue Topaz Jewelry

When acquiring any treated gemstone for yourself, it is always better to first get accompanied and familiar with the precautions you need to adopt while dealing with the crystal. Similarly, since Swiss Blue Topaz is also a heat-treated gem, you need to keep a check on a few pointers before you go yes on your decision.

• Do not leave your stone in direct sunlight for a long time. This might cause permanent color damage and fading of the actual color of the stone over time.

• Do not store your jewelry with other hard crystals as they might scratch the stone’s surface. In addition, with time, your jewelry might appear dull due to the heavy scratches on the surface.

• Do not clean your Swiss Blue Topaz Jewelry with harsh chemicals that might react with the stone and cause permanent damage to its look and shine. Instead, always wash your stone under cool running water so that any dirt accumulated easily gets washed off without causing any damage.

Swiss Blue Topaz is a magnificent crystal for flaunting a gem that provides calm and luxury at the same time. If you are also intrigued by the beautiful properties of this gem, explore the stunning collection of Swiss Blue Topaz Jewelry at Sagacia Jewelry.

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