Is Holistic Rehab Effective?

by Jaswanth D

Not many rehab centers offer the ideal mental treatment when you talk about the “relapse” factor. Usually, the group discussion, medication, and the generalized talking session make no difference when the treatment is to eradicate the mental disorder.

Therefore, Holistic Rehabs California is offering you the ideal solution that is not only effective but also natural. Through the Pouyan methods and the natural plant medication, you get the mind and soul without any harsh medication at all. However, we do have many treatments that involve powerful IV drips, super nutrients, food, and many more helping therapies that play a major role to focus on wellbeing.

At the holistic sanctuary, you have a cool and attractive oceanfront location and it’s the only licensed rehab that has introduced the Pouyan healing method for ailments. Here we treat depression, anxiety, addiction to alcoholism, drug abuse, substance abuse, eating disorders, and many more mental challenges.

We utterly believe in natural healing methods and for that our goal is to treat the mind and repair its damaged parts. Here science and ancient treating methods combine and that brings vigorous results for the patients.  Let’s find out what therapies holistic sanctuary is offering.

Why is holistic rehab effective for its results?

Unlike many rehab centers in the town or around the globe, a holistic sanctuary leans on natural therapies, treatments, and methods for treating the root cause. Therefore, the clients or the patties recovered from here never experience the replacement of the ailment at any point in life.  Also, the Pouyan method brings the most powerful results that are all about health and normal life.

We do not conduct the group meeting and the medication routine that can temporarily help the client. On the other hand, we treat each patient as per the personalized demand, one on one sessions, daily yoga, massage, and many more therapies that help to boost the health, and mind, and should in terms of rejoicing life back on track!

How do we use NAD+ IV Drips Brain Restoration Therapy?

Brain repair is not a child’s play. For that holistic mental and addiction care rehab lean on multiple therapies that deal with the problem on its root level. We use the NAD (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) brain restoration therapy for well-being and optimal brain repair functionality. Usually, someone who is in drug and alcoholism is surely deficient in NAD and that makes the process somehow a challenge.

If not even then a pretty much larger chunk of people face neurotransmitter imbalance due to alcohol addiction. However, the good part is its treatability. Due to the neurotransmitter imbalance, the patient faces issues of depression, anxiety, sleep deprivation, etc. Also, the body can’t make new neurotransmitters due to poor functioning and health.

When what the therapy does is introduce amino acids, vitamins, and coenzymes to make sure the circulation of the neurotransmitters. In short, it works the best way towards the total withdrawal of the drug addiction that would never relapse.

At a holistic sanctuary for healing drugs and mental ailments, the NAD IV Drips Brain Restoration Therapy makes sure to restore brain health for good!

How to Contact us

To answer your doubts and queries you can certainly have a look at the testimonials left by our clients. The holistic rehab center certainly offers you the 100% ideal solution along with luxury interior, accommodation, treatments, and many more facilities that helps each person on a dedicated level. So if you’re looking for a way to reach us, here is how you can do it.

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