iPhone 14 Pro Max vs Samsung’s s22 Ultra Camera Comparison

by Jaswanth D

Apple finally had its much awaited event called “Far Out” where it released numerous new products with new features, more efficiency and a powerful battery. 

Apple introduced its iPhone14 Pro max on 7th September 2022 along with many other products. It has numerous new features such as all day long battery power, emergency SOS via satellite, crash detection and it comes with an A16 Bionic chip to make it faster and more efficient. 

Samsung’s s22 Ultra came out on 25th February 2021 and has many features such as the 12MP ultra wide camera, 12GB RAM, and battery power of 5000mAh.

Comparison and Similarities Between iPhone 14 Pro Max and Samsung S22 Ultra


iPhone 14 Pro Max  Samsung s22 Ultra

Rear camera

48MP + 12MP + 12MP Triple

108 MP Quad

Front camera 12MP


iPhone 14 Pro Max

  • The Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max does not disappoint because of the new features that have been added to it. 
  • The phone’s rear camera is of 48MP which allows you to capture every detail you wish to. They have also added a telephoto camera that will help you capture far off images and views, therefore not letting you miss out on any memory you make. 
  • They have a better hardware foundation because the image sensor in iPhone 14 Pro Max is 65% larger than the image sensors of last year’s editions. 
  • Through this, Apple has tried to overcome the criticism of low quality low light performance of Apple Mobiles. 
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max’s rear camera can be used in two different ways. 
  • The first is through its main 12MP camera which has the power of zooming 2x, therefore cropping out the outer part of the images you click. 
  • The second way is whenever you want to take landscape pictures through Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max’s ProRaw option in its camera which will allow you to click on 48MP. 
  • Apple also increased the focal length to 24mm, hence you’ll be able to capture group shots more. 
  • They also added a flash with 9-LED system that can give you versatile shots. 

Samsung S22 Ultra

  • The Samsung S22 camera was rated by most users as the best camera phone of 2021. 
  • Out of all of its counterparts, the Samsung S22 Ultra has the most pixels with a 109MP main camera. 
  • It has an ultrawide lens with a f/2.2 aperture and dual pixel PDAF.
  • It lets you click in two ways. 
  • The first being the first zoom which gives you 10MP, f/2.4 aperture, ⅓.24 sensor, dual pixel PDAF and 3x optical zoom.
  • The second is the second zoom which gives you 10MP, f/4.9 aperture, ⅓.24 sensor, dual pixel PDAF and 10x optical zoom. 
  • It also has laser AF which basically employs a ladder beam that is at the back of the crème through which a small laser beams out of the camera and it gets reflected back off of the surface/object that you are clicking a picture of. 
  • The front camera of Samsung S22 Ultra is 40MP, which is far more than that of Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max.


While both the mobiles have their own pros and cons, the Samsung S22 Ultra provides more features and has a more powerful camera than that of iPhone 14 Pro Max’s. 


Q) Which camera is more powerful, iPhone 14 Pro Max or Samsung S22 Ultra?

A) Samsung S22 Ultra has a more powerful camera since its rear camera is of 109MP and front camera is of 40MP. 

Q) Which camera works better at night? 

A) When looking at the rear camera, for now Samsung S22 Ultra provides a better night shot of pictures. 

Q) What is the cost of Samsung S22 Ultra?

A) The cost of Samsung S22 Ultra is £1,196.00.

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