How to Transfer Data from PC to PC?

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Are you looking for some quick and reliable methods to transfer data and files from one PC to another? 

We will show you some effective techniques to move files from one PC to another without having to deal with lengthy transfers, threats to your privacy, or damaged files.

Whether you wish to transfer the entire data of your system or only the essentials, these fast and easy methods will assist you efficiently. However, if you do not wish to go with the manual hassle, you may also make use of any best file copy utility software to transfer data. 

Methods for Transferring Data from One PC to Another

Below are some useful techniques you can use to transfer your data from one computer to another easily and safely.

Using an external hard drive

Utilizing an external hard drive to move data from one PC to another is the simplest method. You may copy your system’s data to the external hard drive before connecting it to another PC. After copying the data, you may connect the hard disk to your new computer and import the data into it.

Make sure your hard drive has enough space before connecting it to your computer. To use an external hard drive errorlessly, follow the below steps.

Go to Windows Explorer > This PC or My Computer and locate your hard drive connected icon. 

Now, move to any location and copy your desired files from there and paste them into the external hard drive area. 

Then, after copying all files, attach your hard drive to another PC and manually paste all the files from the hard drive to the PC.

Use OneDrive service

You may be acquainted with OneDrive if you have ever used Microsoft products. It is a Microsoft cloud-based service that enables us to back up the data and make it accessible on multiple devices at once. 

However, you should be aware that each OneDrive account is only given 5 GB of free storage. So, if you have a significant number of files to move, you might want to consider purchasing more space. You may use the instructions below to use OneDrive to transfer data from one PC to another.

Step 1: Transfer data from an old computer to OneDrive

If you aren’t already using OneDrive on your computer, then first set it up. After the setup, you may see a separate OneDrive folder in the sidebar of Windows Explorer. To store your files there, you can drag & drop them from any other File Explorer folder to the OneDrive folder.

As an alternative, you can access OneDrive’s website and sign in with your account information. There, on the homepage, click on the Upload option and select your desired files from your PC to import them to your OneDrive account.

Step 2: Import OneDrive files to your PC

You can receive all of your data on your new PC after saving it to your OneDrive account. To start this process, open the OneDrive installer. But, make sure to sign in using the same Microsoft account that you used to store your files.

Once the OneDrive setup is complete, you may access your data by going to the File Explorer > One Drive folder. Ensure that your internet connection is active, then wait a few seconds for your files to automatically appear.

In addition, you can go to OneDrive’s official website, choose your files, and then press the “Download” option to store them locally on your computer.

Using a USB cable

Use USB cables if you’re looking for the quickest method of transferring files between PCs. You would need a USB-to-USB adapter to get started since the regular cables won’t work in this situation.

Connect the USB cord to both of the Windows computers you’re using to transfer data. Wait until both computers detect the cable and install the drivers automatically.

Download and install the file transfer application for both computers after installing the USB cable’s driver. Once everything is set up, start the file transfer application on both computers and start sharing data.

Using a LAN cable

Last but not least, you can use Ethernet (LAN) to speed up your computer-to-computer data transfer. This will enable a direct and smooth transfer of your files, hence you wouldn’t need to use any third-party services like OneDrive or a hard drive to back up your data. 

Although the procedure is a little time-consuming, it is one of the quickest methods for transferring files from PC to PC. 


This concludes our in-depth discussion on how to transfer data from a PC to a PC. We have mentioned 4 effective and easy methods for transferring files between PCs, including conventional connections and wireless methods. You can explore them more on your own and select the method that will help you in transferring files quickly and trouble-free.

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