How to get more Instagram followers with your content

by Jaswanth D

Now that your profile is optimized for fruitful and fabulous followership, increase followers on Instagram it’s time to start attracting more people to it. Here’s how to use content and creativity to get more Instagram followers. get more followers on Instagram: superviral

Make use of all the formats

One thing that distinguishes Instagram from other popular social media platforms is its different formats. These keep the user’s attention and allow you to show different aspects of your brand. So take advantage of:

  • Feed posts: photos and videos of the best quality.
  • Stories: shortlived content, more raw and spontaneous (Stories hacks here).
  • Reels: videos with a little extra focus on the entertainment factor (creative Reels ideas here).
  • Lives real-time videos, great for tutorials and AMAs (how to run a great IG Live here).

The more facets of your business a person can get familiar with, the more likely they are to develop an affinity for and follow you. Not sure what to do with all those formats? You can get more ideas on what to post on Instagram here.

Publish great content—consistently

This is paramount to your entire social media marketing strategy—not just Instagram. The great content part goes without saying, but the consistency part often gets overlooked. One great post might win you a follow, but now you’re in the spotlight. They’re seeing your content regularly and if you can’t continue delivering what brought them in in the first place, you’ll get the unfollow. So, what makes great content on Instagram?

Useful: relevant to your industry and your audience’s needs. Tips, facts, news, ideas.

Thoughtful: speaks to their values, lifestyles, and personalities.

Interactive: makes you fun to follow! Polls, questions, Lives, contests, and shareable content.

Entertaining: captures and keeps attention. Attractive design, movement, emotion, humor, video, boldness.

In Mailchimp’s account below, we see a beautiful mix of posts that cover it all: useful how-tos, thoughtful customer spotlights and a small business support campaign, an interactive post on personal development, and an entertaining video with DJ Khaled.

Focus on entertainment

The entertainment factor is increasingly important. Last summer, when Instagram revealed how its algorithm works, it stated it was shifting focus to “full screen, immersive, entertaining, mobile-first video” content. Entertaining content doesn’t have to be action-packed or hilarious. It just needs to be interesting. Creative. Original. Expressive. You can get tips on how to make captivating Instagram videos here.

Do your Instagram SEO

SEO isn’t just about getting more Google searchers to your website. Social media platforms are search engines too, and Instagram’s search feature now supports regular keyword searches—not just account or hashtag searches. This has made Instagram SEO even more important now so be sure to:

  • Target keywords with your captions and bio
  • Add your location to Instagram
  • Add alt text to images

Cross-promote your account

One of the best ways to promote your Instagram account is to cross-promote. Put links to your social profiles in your website footer, email templates, and signatures. Print out your handle name and put it in a cute frame in your office. Tell your Facebook page visitors where they can find you on Insta. Cross-promote your branded hashtag, too—on your receipts, in print ads, and at relevant events.

Develop your own Instagram style

The beauty of the design is that there are infinitely many ways to be unique. Choose a style that is distinctly yours so that your posts can be instantly recognizable in the newsfeed. Users follow accounts whose content they can experience, not just see. This is a great example of this:

To develop your style, make sure you have your overall brand developed. Your positioning, voice, brand colors, audience, and offerings will all play into your Instagram aesthetic.

Write good captions

The image may be the focal point of a post, but your Instagram caption can sometimes make or break its impact on your potential followers. What makes a good caption? Originality. What makes something original?

  • Wit
  • Humor
  • Inspiration
  • Meaningful stories
  • Self-deprecation
  • Relatability
  • Storytelling
  • Intrigue

For example, National Geographic is fantastic at using storytelling alongside its Instagram photos to generate engagement and sharing. Whatever you choose, try to stick with that style so your followers stick with you.

Run Instagram giveaways

These are perhaps the quintessential Instagram follower magnet. First of all, who doesn’t like free stuff or award recognition? Knowing that you run these regularly is sure to get a follow. Second, entry into the contest itself can require following you or tagging a friend. Just make sure the prize is something that is appealing specifically to your ideal customers. Remember, you want to attract a quality following.

And would ya look at that? We’ve got just the post for you >> How to Use Instagram Giveaways to Grow Your Following

Get Local

Your Instagram marketing strategy should seek to gain followers through content that resonates not just with your ideal customers, but also with your local geographic community. People are immediately drawn to things they’re familiar with and like to see parts of their identity represented online. Here are some ways to do it:

For even more local social media marketing ideas and tips, head to the LOCALiQ Social Media Marketing Lab. White coat is optional.

How to get more followers on Instagram through hashtags

Hashtags on Instagram serve multiple purposes. They provide information, add humor, categorize posts, and create a web of content that can lead users anywhere. Here’s how to lead them to the follow button on your bio.

Use a mix of hashtag types

Hashtags on Instagram are like keywords on Google. They can be broad or long-tail, high or low-volume, location-based or universal, and can vary in intent. Allow me to show you:

  • Broad: #dogsofig
  • Long-tail: #dogtraining101
  • Local: #dogsofsouthie
  • Low intent: #smartdogs
  • High intent: #dogtrainerboston
  • Evergreen: #clickertraining
  • Trending: #valentinedogs
  • Branded: #chewydogs

The really specific hashtags are like long-tail keywords that have more intent and help you find the right people, but the broad ones can get you in front of more people in general. You need a mix of bo to grow your following on a platform as massive as Instagram.

16. But don’t take them too seriously

So the big lists of hashtags you see at the bottom of posts do serve a purpose, but should every one of your posts have that? Not if you want your followers to get sick of seeing them and think you’re desperate. Be selective with your hashtags, vary how many you use in each post, and also have fun with them. Some hashtags are purely aesthetic or added for humor or brand voice. Some have nothing to do with your brand but are just fun. get more paid followers on instagram: click here

Have an intriguing or actionable branded hashtag

Speaking of having fun, come up with a follower-friendly branded hashtag. In other words, instead of just using your business name or a behind-the-scenes hashtag, come up with something your followers can use in their posts.

Take UPS’s Instagram account, with their brilliant #upsdogs hashtag. Anyone can contribute! More posts with your hashtag = more exposure = more followers.

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