How does Economic Globalisation Affect the World?

by Jaswanth D

Economics is a science that focuses on the production, distribution & consumption of goods & services and also analyses the choices that governments, big corporations, and nations make to allocate resources. The two main branches of economics are macroeconomics & microeconomics. In almost every country or nation, these two are studied in a very profound way. Because of the importance of economics, the demand for this discipline will never decrease. Thus, more -2 students are pursuing this as their long-term career. But to get a high knowledge and degree, they have to fulfill all the academic criteria of the university. In this, the making of assignments, and the thesis also come. Many consider it a complete wastage of time and do not want to make their assignment. Thus they look for economics homework help to get some guidance for their academic work.

Suppose you are an economics student and want to know about its effect on the world. Then you must read this article. Due to challenging times like covid-19 and high inflation due to the Ukraine & Russia wars, the professor can assign you this question for the assignment. Now let’s look into it.

Working in the Global Economy

To understand the economic effects on the global economy, you must first know how it works. The global economy commits to all the activities that occur between different countries and thus has both positive as well as negative impacts on the world. It comprises many characteristics like:

  • Globalization: It is a process in which different, cultures & societies are integrated through the network of trade, immigration, and various modes of transportation. Due to globalization, there is an improvement in per capita income and the standard of living of nations. Get an assignment writing service to know more about it.
  • International trade: It is considered an impression of globalization. Here the exchange of goods, as well as services, happens.
  • International finance: Now, money can be transferred easily through net banking services; hence, trade is happening much faster. This is one of the main features of the global economy. Here we talk about currency exchange rates & monetary policies.
  • Global investment: Nowadays, investors of one country can easily invest in different countries. It mainly takes place in the form of FDP (Foreign direct investment). Getting economics homework help to go in-depth.

These are some characteristics that help us in understanding the global economy. Now we will talk about its effect in a detailed manner.

Effects of Globalisation in the World

When it comes to effects, it has both positive as well as harmful. First, we will talk about it its positive impact:

1. Economics & economic effects

This is one of the most visible effects of this process. Due to this, many people are lifted out of poverty due to an increase in trade, economics & financial exchange. This has also led to an acceleration of industrial development that has given us new technologies.

With Industrial development, the number of jobs also increases; hence the per capita income of the masses increases. Particularly the US and UK played an important role in developing the financial rules of globalization. Seek assignment writing services to know more about it.

2. Cultural benefits

Due to globalization, the movement of people also increases. Nowadays, companies in developed countries are hiring people in developing countries for more profits. Thus they exchange their ideas as well. Migration and traveling of people affect the culture of the world. All this happens due to globalization, and international tourism also promotes different cultures in different countries. Seek economics homework to help to know more about it.

These two are the main positive effects of globalization which helps reshape the world but it also comes with negative consequences.

  1. Cultural loss: Globalisation homogenized the world’s culture due to this specific culture of some countries disappearing. That is why even UNESCO said mix benefits of globalization & protection of local culture need a careful approach.
  2. Economics negative effect: Income inequalities, wealth inequality & trade are the main adverse effects of globalization. Certain countries, mainly developed, have more advantages. A recent report from Oxfam said that 82% of the world’s wealth goes to 1% of the population.
  3. Environment effects: Due to massive industries, transport, and buildings, seriously affects the environment.

Thus, we can say that it negatively impacted our society also. To know more about it, ask for Online Assignment Expert help, and they have years of experience guiding students who need economics homework help.


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