HAMPTA PASS TRK: Complete Trekking Guide

by Jaswanth D


You can visit Himachal Pradesh any time of year to enjoy its beautiful locations. The Hampta Trek is a great option for adventure lovers. Hampta Pass is 14,010 feet high and offers stunning views. The area is known for its high mountains, pine-tree forest, spectacular mountain streams, waterfalls, and the vibrantly colored wildflowers, valleys, and lakes that make it a popular destination for trekkers. It is an amazing trek that changes with every hour. Over the five days, you will be able to see many beautiful sights that will inspire you to appreciate all of nature’s wonderful aspects. Jobra is the base camp for the trek. It’s located at the top of your ascent. This route offers stunning views of pine forests, wildflowers, rugged rock cliffs, and shallow lakes. You’ll also see mountain cattle, a variety of bird species, and a number of other natural wonders.

The Pirpanjal Range in the Himalayas’ Hampta Pass links the valleys of Lahaul and Spiti. The area is known for its higher meadows, which can block your path when you climb to the highest point. Trekkers use these areas as camping spots, so you can set up camp while on a break from your hike.


How to get there

There are many options for getting to Manali. It is easiest to travel by bus from New Delhi (the nation’s capital). You can travel between these cities in 12 hours using a variety of bus routes. You can also take the train from New Delhi, India to Ambala where you can catch a state bus to Manali. You have many flight options.

When you reach the trail’s finish, you will be in awe of the vast Himalayan landscape. There are no borders to limit your vision. The light shining brightly on the little things below will make all the effort in climbing up to the top seem trivial. Once you have enjoyed the view, you will continue your descent to Shea Goru. This is the most difficult section of your hike. You will have to navigate steep, narrow descents via rocky paths.

The Pirpanjal village’s Lake Chandratal lies at 4,250m above sea level, hidden among towering peaks. This lake’s captivating view will make you want to stay here for hours. After crossing the lake, you will arrive at your final campsite before heading to Chhatru. At Chhatru, your vehicle will be waiting.

Flora and fauna

Hampta Pass is one of the most beautiful treks in the Himachali area. This trek offers stunning views and contrasts.

The view from Manali’s Hampta Pass summit is breathtaking. One can also see the desolate landscape of Lahaul & Spiti Valley from the other side. It is hard to describe the feeling of climbing the Hampta Pass and crossing it.

Duration and location

The 5–6 day Hampta Pass Trek starts in Manali, Himachal Pradesh. This beautiful hike takes you through stunning waterfalls, flowering plants, and maple forests. Because it offers just enough adventure, beginners are best suited to this hike. The Hampta Pass, which links Manali and Spiti Valley, is often called “The Middle Land”.

It borders Spiti’s wild, unspoiled beauty on one side, and grasslands and splendours the other. Most people cross the Hampta Pass to move towards Chandratal Lake. You can reach Hampta Pass by road. It is approximately 310 km from Chandigarh, and 550 miles away from Delhi. It is easy to travel quickly from Manali, India to Jobra. This is the start point for the Hampta Pass hike.

There is no airport in Manali. Bhuntar is 50 km from Manali. Fly to Bhuntar, then rent a car or take a bus to Manali.

Manali is not accessible by direct train. However, you can travel on the Shatabdi from Chandigarh to Manali and then hire a car or bus to Manali. To get to Jobra, you must reserve a taxi on your own from Manali. Taxis cost between Rs 1500 to Rs 2000.

To reach Hampta Pass basecamp, you will need to drive 12-14 hours.

You can choose to travel in your vehicle or use one of the modern self drive options available in Chandigarh or Delhi. Remember to factor in the fact that you won’t have a car while on your trek.

By BusThere are many buses that run from Delhi’s Kashmiri Gate, India to Manali. The bus leaves at 5 PM, runs through the night, and arrives in Manali in 13-14 hours.

Tickets can be bought at HPTDC and HRTC. There are many options, including non-AC semi-sleeper and Volvo buses, as well as non-AC, non-AC and Volvo buses. Volvo prices between Delhi & Manali range from 700 to 1400.

Transferring from Manali and Jobra: To get from Manali and Jobra, you will need to reserve a taxi; the fare would cost approximately INR 2000.00. The trek includes many hairpin curves and takes approximately an hour.


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