Five Best Resources to Find Your Dream Job in UAE:

Jobs Platforms in UAE

by Jaswanth D

Do you have a dream to get your desired job in the emirate? If Yes! Let’s get started to read this article till last to know about the best resources through which you can fulfill your dream. The UAE (United Arab Emirates) is one of the oil-based developed countries in the entire world having modern and updated infrastructure and standard living style for the public (including foreigners). Emirate also provides a corruption-free, cultural, traditional, safest, quite clean, and friendly people environment. Tourism and international events are increasing the status of the UAE day by day.

Now, I am going to tell you huge information about those resources through which you can fix your dream job in UAE.

Resources to Get Your Dream Job:


A hiring platform for jobseekers to search for their matching job globally. Snaphunt is one of the top smart resources to find your desired job throughout the world, especially in the Middle East and UAE. This helps companies to search, screen, and hire talent across the world. Recruiters can access approximately a 650million profiles from the web and can also target talent from a talent pool of 1 million candidates. An algorithm-based application that required your information based on three segments experience, job preferences, and workstyle assessments to create a profile. While you have done all these segments the algorithm starts its work to meet your profile for its suitable job.


“To connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful” holding this mission Linkedin is one of the world’s largest professional networks with more than an 830million members across 200 countries in entire the world. LinkedIn Profile writing service, Designing services, etc provides economic opportunities to job hunters and recruiters to filter candidates according to their needs and demands on one platform. is the online portal that provides services in the middle east. And gulf region to connect recruiters with their required candidates. This platform uses by over 10 million professionals from different sectors and categories. is also engaging to connect professionals with their audience through advertising processes such as (Banner ads, sponsored newsletters, and target email) throughout four continents.


Indeed is one of the best job-getting resources in the world. Indeed provides free access to job seekers that’s why it has about more than 250M new visitors to post resumes and jobs every month. The main core of indeed is to provide more and more opportunities to every visitor globally.


Laimoon is a remote virtual-based service provider. Laimoon was starting in Dubai, UAE and now serves in over 30 countries across the world, with over 1M visitors visiting on monthly basis. Laimoon provides professional training programs to help the public and recruiters to search for the right choice for their needs and demands with 200+ training providers. Through articles, blogs, and websites Laimoon helps course seekers to enhance their careers through the guidance of this digital information platform. 


Additionally, Dubai has only a 0.5% unemployment rate all over the world. The job market in UAE has grown rapidly over the last decade. while salaries are tax-free in UAE. There are many world’s biggest companies in different sectors that have offices in the emirate.

Candidates with a high education degree, with worthy experiences, great achievements, and huge knowledge as well as who have accountancy ability and can manage financial and other sectors of the companies and have STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) are encouraged to apply. As the country has implemented its new rule about the salary that any recruiter cannot pay less than AED12,000/= to university graduates.

These all are some highlighted qualities and information regarding your dream job in a reliable country.

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