Everything to Know About Shop Front Spraying

by Jaswanth D

Shop fronts have a major role to play in retail businesses. If your shop front does not look presentable, you may lose your potential customers. It will further have a huge loss in your business. Therefore, it is necessary to keep your shop front decorated and well maintained. You must be aware of the fact that everything loses its charm over time. The same goes with your shop front as well. In order to keep your shop front, look decorative and new, you need to renovate it and redecorate it again and again. Shop front spraying, shop front recoating and shop front cladding are some of the steps that you need to follow to renovate your shop front.

There are many professional companies available out there whom you can contact online as well. ARS Limited is a building refurbishment company that provides you with highly skilled professional staff for multiple services such as glass repairs, site spraying, hard surface repairs, shop front recoating, shop front spraying and so on.

What is Shop Front Spraying?

Shop front spraying is an affordable way to change the appearance of your shop. In this the exterior part of the shop such as doors, windows, shutters, masonry, etc are painted. It gives a good visual effect to the store that attracts the customers towards your shop. You can paint your shop front made up of different materials, like aluminium, timber and UPVC. When the colour is sprayed on these materials, they come up with a new glaze and it seems as if they have just been installed on your shop front. In fact, you can paint rust free materials, PVC and masonry that are present on your shop front.

The Process of Shop Front Spraying

The paint is basically sprayed on the shop front with the help of an electric spray- painting gun. They apply three coats of painting evenly on the shop front. Basically, the first coat is the primer coat and no further primer is required to paint the shop front as the paints are solvent- based. The first primer coat improves the speed of application time.

The amount of time required for shop front spraying depends upon the surface area that is required to be painted. In general, it takes around a day and a half to completely paint the shop front area. As it doesn’t take a lot of time, it does not distress your business in any way. If your shop is in a busy street area, you can choose a day when the traffic is minimal to paint your shop front area. There will be a low risk of contamination on a less traffic day.

The Durability of Shop Front Spraying

You should always go for a spray painting having a maximum durability. Do not ever settle with a spray painting having a minimum durability. If you do so, you will have to spray paint your shop front area again and again, which will cost you a lot and will be a waste of time as well. OPT for those spray paints that have 10 years of durability. Also, these paints must be waterproof and dustproof so that the shop front looks new, glossy and attractive for a long period of time.

The Finish of Spray Painting on The Shop Front

Spray painting gives a glossy, satin and matt finish look to your shop front. However, the matt finish does not give a shine to your shop front. But a glossy finish gives a hundred per cent shine to the shop front. When it comes to satin finish, it gives shine to the shop front, but it is less than fifty per cent. But most people prefer to have satin finish for their shop front as it has the capability of hiding the defects that have been there before the spray painting.

Summing Up

These are some of the important facts that you need to remember about the shop front spraying. If you want to renovate your shop front or the entire shop for that matter, you should contact a good building refurbishment company providing you with excellent professionals that will help you with surface repairs, site spraying, glass repairs, shop front recoating, shop front cladding and so on.

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