Everything To Know About Original, Dupe And Fake Perfumes

by Jaswanth D

After dresses, cosmetics and other fashion accessories, one thing that always remains on demand in the market are perfumes. People are very particular about the perfume that they use in their day to day life. It not only keeps them fresh and rejuvenated, but also helps them in creating a good impression among their peer groups. Therefore, everyone prefers to buy designer fragrances of good brands, so that it suits their personalities and lasts for long hours. In order to get the best, branded and original perfumes, people tend to visit those shops that are exclusively known for selling authentic perfumes. But sometimes, these perfume distributors sell you duplicate or fake perfumes. In this article we shall be looking at how to differentiate between the original, dupe and fake perfumes, so that you won’t get fooled by these perfume distributors and can have your favourite, exclusively original perfume for yourself.

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Let us now have a look at the difference between the original perfume, duplicate perfume and fake perfume.

Designer Perfumes

Original Perfumes

Original perfume is the one that is exclusively made by the perfume company. It is the authentic perfume that you will find only from those perfume companies who have purchased rights to this perfume. Only these companies who have purchased the rights can manufacture these perfumes. Therefore, they are considered as original perfumes. The smell of the original perfumes last for a long period of time.

Duplicate Perfumes

Duplicate perfumes are similar to the original ones. It is either manufactured by a perfume company or by a perfume house. The ingredients used to make these perfumes are lesser than the ingredients used to make the original perfumes. Therefore, you may find a slight difference in the fragrances between an original perfume and a duplicate perfume. It is because the ingredients used to make a duplicate perfume are in different proportions as compared to the ingredients used in making an original perfume. Therefore, it is always advisable to buy designer fragrances from a good and authentic perfume shop, as these shops always contain the original perfumes of different fragrances.

designer perfume

Fake Perfumes

Fake perfumes are the cheapest perfumes. They are made by using harmful synthetic chemicals. These chemicals are not only dangerous for human health, but also are dangerous for our environment. These harmful chemicals are used to reduce the manufacturing cost of these perfumes. Therefore, the quality of these perfumes is very poor. Although they try to imitate the original perfumes, these fake perfumes do not contain any sweet smell.

It is therefore necessary for a perfume lover like you to know the difference between the fake perfumes and the original perfumes.

Difference Between Original Perfumes and Fake Perfumes

The smell of the fake perfumes is terrible. These perfumes do not have lasting power. Whereas, the opposite is with the original perfumes. The original perfumes smell sweet and last long for hours. If you are buying low cost perfumes, make sure that they are authentic and original. Original perfumes may be expensive, but fake perfumes are always the cheapest. Health issues such as allergies, headaches, rashes, kidney infections and so on are seen with people who use fake perfumes. It happens because of the harmful synthetic chemicals used in these perfumes. You will find no health issues with people using the original perfumes. It is because natural extracts are used to make original perfumes.

cheap perfumes

Fake perfumes do not resemble the original perfumes, apart from the name, bottles and the perfume notes.

Summing Up

These are some of the things that you need to keep in mind about the original, duplicate and fake perfumes. Always make sure that you are buying the original perfume from the authentic perfume shop. You just need to remember all the points mentioned above. If you keep these points in mind, you will be able to buy different perfumes such as designer perfumes and branded fragrances of your choice and feel fresh and rejuvenated all the time.

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