Why Do You Need an Electric Car Charger Installers Essex?

by Jaswanth D

Hybrid cars are becoming more and more popular by the day. They are eco-friendly, avoid pollution, and are cost-efficient. They can easily be charged with the services of electric car charger installers Essex. You can charge your car from your home, workplace, or public chargers. Before you decide to install an electric car charger in your home, you need to be equipped with some information. 

How To Decide Which Electric Car Charger Installers Essex To Buy?

Which charger you decide to buy depends primarily on what EV you own, the battery capacity of the car, and what kind of charging you use. There are two main types of charging which can be operated at home.

Trickle Charging

This is a slow method of charging. The charging is done by the 220V charger which is given when you buy the EV. It uses household electricity to charge and does not require proper installation. It has the potential to provide a range of 65km with 5 hours of charging. 

AC Charge

This is the most common method of charging electric cars. It requires proper installation and has the ability to charge a 40kWh car completely in 6 hours. It is recommended to charge the car overnight using a 230V outlet. 

Types Of Chargers

There are two main types of chargers; tethered chargers and untethered chargers. You can decide which charger is suitable for you by reading the following. 

Tethered Charger

A tethered charger has a permanently attached cord, which means that it is safe and more secure. You only have to uncoil the cord and plug it in the car making it extremely convenient. It also has a cable included, hence you do not have to spend more money on buying one. 

Untethered Cable

This type of charger comes only with a charging unit, and the user has to buy their charging cable. It provides more flexibility because they are compatible with both trickle charging and Ac charging. Since it is only a socket, it can be used to power different vehicles which may use different types of sockets. In addition, the flexibility of buying a new cable means that you can get your preferred length of cable. 

What Is The Price Of Electric Charger Installation?

The cost of electric car charger installers Essex services will depend on various factors, but primarily on the type of charging station you would like to be installed, the location, and the labor cost. There are additional aspects which you might have to consider before installing your car charger. 

If your garage is not equipped with providing the right voltage and current, you will have to update it to that. Moreover, if you are installing an AC charge, you will need the government’s permit which will take some time and money too. 

Some modern and renewed chargers are ako equipped with Wi-FI so that the user can track how much their EV is charged. If you are looking for a modern charger, you will have to consider installing Wi-Fi in the garage too.

Benefits Of Installing An Electric Car Charger

Installing an electric car charger in your home will have numerous benefits. It will allow you to save money since it is much more favorable in the long run. It also saves the user a lot of time. You do not have to worry about low fuel or have to go to a gas station first before you can start your day. 

If there is no station in your daily route, no worries! You can simply charge your car in your garage while you are sleeping without wasting any time. Charging at home and secure. You are the only one who is charging your vehicle, hence you are sure that the charging station is well-maintained. 

Moreover, you can get a tax credit for installing a car charger at home because it shows that you are being environmentally friendly. Now that people are realizing the dire need to save the environment, a lot of them are moving towards eco-friendly cars. You can help reduce air-pollution by using your own station and EV. Installing an electric car charger will also increase your property’s value. 

Thinking About Installing One?

Now that you have the basic information about electric car charger installers essex, you can contact your nearest company equipped with the skill and knowledge to help you install one. Keep in mind the various factors which will affect your overall cost. 

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