Do’s and Dont’s After a Blood Clot

by Jaswanth D

If you are someone who has had deep vein thrombosis in one of your legs or arms. It is very common to observe one of your limbs stay swollen after the treatment is done.

If you have a clot in your lungs which is also called a pulmonary embolism then there are chances that this one might hurt as you can feel mild pain and some pressure in the chest. But it is also important to watch out for all kinds of pains and pressure that might hurt your body and your limbs.

A PT(prothrombin time) test is done to check the clot. The PT test price in Pakistan is quite reasonable.

Now, a new blood clot can also form in the limbs and when it gets worse, there is shortness of breath and fainting experienced by people. To take proper care of the body, it is important to focus on the dos and don’ts that you must do if you have Blood Clots formed in any part of the body. Let’s have a closer look.

The Dos:

If in the past you already have had clots in your legs, feet, or arms then the chances of you having them in the future also increase. The risk always gets greater if:

  • You are above the age of 40
  • You are obese and overweight
  • You smoke and take birth control pills
  • You have cancer
  • You are suffering from other serious diseases like blood clotting disorder. Crohn’s disease and rheumatologic disorder

Get Moving

Simple exercises like swimming and walking can help in healing after a clot is formed in the body. Exercise does boost blood flow and make you feel better. If in case you have a pulmonary embolism, activities like heart pumping, dancing, running, and soft exercise can make your lungs strong.

In this case, it is better to talk to a lung specialist that can guide you with the best exercise types suitable for your health. 

Know the Medicines you Take

If you are taking medicines like warfarin and other blood thinners then the suggestion is to consult a doctor if you are thinking of taking an aspirin. This is because there can be increased chances of bleeding when the blood is that thin.

Also, some medicines can impact the effectiveness of these medicines. It is also a great idea to stay away from all sorts of supplements that are being sold in the name of herbal supplements. 

Some of the medicines that can impact the effectiveness of blood thinners include fish oil, flaxseed, and ginseng. 

The Don’ts

Some of the things that you must avoid at all costs when you are suffering from a blood clot or more than one.  

Don’t Sit for Too Long

Do not sit for more than 2 hours at a time. Make sure that you get up and take a walk regularly. If you have a clot in any of your legs it is best to not cross the legs when you sit.

This position of sitting is a bit unhealthy and can impact your blood circulation pretty badly. So, stay mindful of this when you are on long flights or are driving a vehicle for a longer period of time. 

Travel with Care

If you are someone that drives every day on a car then you need to play smart. Try to bend your knees too much in order to keep the flow of the blood going. It is also very important to take breaks between driving. 

If you are traveling in a plane it is suggested that you keep standing after every hour if the flight is too long. While you are sitting, make sure that you keep flexing your ankles in order for the blood to keep the flow intact. Also, it is also important to keep drinking water as not drinking enough water can result in the formation of more clots.

Ask for Help

It is very common to feel anxious or to feel depressed once in a while when you have a clot. If these feelings start to get bad or worse and it gets to a point where you stop doing your daily activities.

Try and rush to a doctor as soon as you can, as they will prescribe you medicines that can work great for you. Try and go for a therapy talk, where you have people with similar issues. This way, you can take good care of your mental health in a  better way. 


Clotting of blood is quite common and can occur to anyone at any point of time in life. The most important thing is to take care of yourself before it gets worse. The clot can be formed in the legs, arms, or other parts of the body and can impact you pretty bad. So, make sure to focus on the dos and don’ts when you have clotting of blood. Also, do visit a doctor when you are in need.

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