Different Wood Flooring Types for Homes

by Jaswanth D

There are many different types of flooring solutions available on the market for home and business spaces. While some of them are well-known, others are less popular. All these choices have some advantages and some disadvantages. They are different in terms of aesthetics, price, durability and maintenance requirements.

Let’s get to know a few of the most popular ones, including solid oak flooring.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Defining Engineered Wood Flooring

Contrary to solid wood flooring, which is composed completely of real wood, engineered wood flooring has a solid hardwood veneer (or the top layer), often constructed of Oak boards, Maple or Walnut boards. This top layer is bonded to a sturdy multi-layered core. Unlike solid wood floors, engineered floors are ecologically friendly.

Generally, there are three kinds of core formation. The first one is known as the plywood core or board. The plywood is comprised of many layers of wood with the grains in every layer running in different directions to give the top layer a firm, hard surface to attach to.

The second one is known as the sandwich core or board. The top layer and base layer adhere to a central layer called the core. The same timber is used for all layers. To increase sturdiness, each layer runs in the opposite direction.

The last type is called the three-layer construction, it has a real wood top layer along with a centre core layer which is adhered to a backing layer.

At least five times more flooring can be constructed if engineered floorboards are created instead of solid wood boards. As a result, we can protect forests by chopping down fewer trees and planting more.

When working on home renovation projects, homeowners have found engineered flooring very beneficial. It works with under floor heating. It could be utilised in spaces that are susceptible to dampness, such as bathrooms and kitchens as it doesn’t warp or deform like the solid wood planks.

Whether you glue it to a concrete subfloor or let the boards remain floating over an underlay, it is simple to install engineered floorboards. It is available in a wide variety of hues, finishes, textures and designs. You can help the environment by using engineered wood flooring in your project.

About Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring is constructed with wood floorboards that are fitted in a geometric pattern. Herringbone wood flooring and chevron are the most popular types of engineered parquet flooring.

This type of floor initially gained popularity in the 1600s because of its attractive look and durable quality.

The following two popular varieties of parquet flooring are available on the market. Chevron Parquet Wood Floors use a zig-zag pattern set at a 45 degree angle. Engineered wood herringbone flooring is laid in a staggered zig-zag pattern made of rectangular boards.

Option of Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is one of the popular types of flooring and is pocket friendly as well. Vinyl can mimic any type of surfaces such as wood, tiles or stone. As it can capture the aesthetics of any beautiful surface, it is a great option to enhance your home décor. And it is affordable as well. It is known for its durability and is a stain-resistant and water-resistant flooring material.

Solid Hardwood Floor

Solid wood is one of the most elegant floor materials. Hardwood flooring requires high maintenance but it is the most liked choice for interior design. It comes in planks and parquet styles. It is a great option to enhance your interiors and can be bought in any of your favourite natural hues including walnut and oak. If you take good care of your solid wood flooring, it may last a long time.

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