custom candle boxes make your product stand in the market

by Jaswanth D

How custom candle boxes make your product stand better in the market

No matter what time of the year or occasion, candles prove to be the ultimate gift. Clothing gets old; the wine goes out, jeweler tarnishes but scented candles always stay in. Candles lift low spirits and help develop an ambiance of tranquility. Moreover, candles are great for aromatherapy as they relax you out of stress and stimulate dopamine that makes you happy. In addition to that, they are extremely pocket friendly and are readily available. There’s nothing better than a well-crafted candle packed in luxury boxes.

A Meaningful gift should appeal to all your senses. Candles do a great job in doing that. The first thing a consumer or the person you are gifting will notice is the packaging of your candles. Hence your luxury candle packaging should be loved at first sight. With growing demand, many manufacturers are coming up with candles packaging boxes. So if you want to be a part of the race and win it, keep reading to know the how to make your product stand out using custom candle boxes.

❖     Use a variety of colors themes that give an actual representation of your candles.

Color evokes emotions and adds vibrancy to your candle packaging. Using enriched printing ink like CMYK and PMS will create high-resolution images and fonts that will make your custom candle boxes packaging visually appealing. Design a package that resembles or represents your candles. For example, if your scented candle smells like a rose, you might relate it to love and use the red theme. You can also print red hearts or roses. This might work as a suitable gift for valentine’s day.

❖     Choose a stylish box to give the best unboxing experience

There are multiple packaging boxes like two-piece boxes, tray and sleeve boxes, cube-shaped boxes, and much more. Choosing one of these over a simple box would give your custom candle boxes wholesale an impressive outlook and unforgettable unboxing experience.

❖     Clearly describe your candles.

Candles come in multiple aromas and are made up of numerous essential oils. It would assist if you were cautious while mentioning the scent and ingredients of the candles. Maybe your customer is looking for eco-friendly candles. You can also say about the added benefits like relaxation. This counts as a plus point in convincing the customer to purchase your brand. Moreover, educating and informing the consumer will help him make a confident choice. You can also let your customers know your brand’s story.

❖     Use high-quality printing techniques to get your graphics printed.

Your printing quality speaks for your brand’s status. It builds brand insignia. The layout of your luxury candle boxes should be appealing; hence use advanced printing techniques like digital printing, offset printing, flexography, lithographic printing, etc., to print your details and graphics that will serve as a strong marketing tool.

❖     Go for a die-cutting window box.

Die-cut boxes are perfect for giving customers an overview of the candles. This type of box helps build a direct relationship of the product with the audience. Die-cut window boxes look stylish and make your custom candle boxes impressive. Tea light candles are a perfect choice for a die-cut box.

❖   Single candle boxes looks more trendy and captivating

Choosing single candle boxes adds convenience. A single candle looks classy to give and easy on the pocket if your consumer wants something cost-effective.

❖     Use a variety of finishing methods and add to the box’s aesthetics.

Adding ribbons or other branding embellishments will entice your customers and your loved ones as well. There is an extended range of finishing options like matte/ gloss lamination, embossing, debossing, foil Stamping, and aqueous coating, which enhance the appearance of your packaging and give it a final touch. Using embossing to write your brand’s name will provide a refined texture and enhanced visibility.

❖     Give a touch of real emotions by adding personalized messages.

Opting for personalized luxury candle boxes adds value to your gift. It makes it more meaningful and unique as well. Whether it’s a housewarming party or a birthday bash, you can always add a piece of card or get engraved a personal good wish, birthday greetings, in-joke, or anything you like. Candles packed in luxury gift boxes will surely convey a strong message of love.

❖     Use candle labels on luxury candle boxes.

Candle labels are easy to use and extremely cost-effective. You can apply them directly to plain boxes. They provide simple information that can be straightforwardly conveyed. They make your product stand out among the other competitors. You have tons of label types to choose from, like white, metallic, and clear labels. You can also add candle warning labels on your candle packaging wholesale.

❖     Make sure you select the right material.

The first, foremost thing to take care of is the durability of the packaging. No matter how pretty and attractive your luxury candle boxes looks, all your efforts will go in vain if it gets destroyed. Moreover, you might suffer a great loss. Hence, use durable and sturdy cardboard material to design your luxury candle boxes. Candles are put into a fragile glass bottle; hence wrap the candle in a bubble wrap. This makes your custom candle boxes look professional.

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