Common Issues of Fifa 22 Download and their Fixes

by Jaswanth D

Fifa 22 download is free!!!

This is great news for lovers of games. 

Fifa 22 has now entered the list of free games available in ELECTRONIC ARTS Play. This is a full game you can download. Also, there is no limit on modes to play. 

Official Release:

Officially, Fifa 22 was added to ELECTRONIC ARTS Play on June 23, 2022. The official team of ELECTRONIC ARTS Play announced it from their Twitter account.

Is Fifa 22 free for Personal computers? 

Fifa 22 is the best platform for sports through a personal computer. The most popular game in the line is the football franchise. This is free. 

About how many GB Fifa 22 download is?

Fifa 22 download which you can get there OBB + Data File From Alitech, Is different on different platforms. You can have an estimate of 50 GB of space to save it. It comes in about 52 GB on PlayStation 5. The size of the PlayStation 4 is 30.8 GB. On the Xbox series, it is about 37 GB. 

Does Fifa 22 take longer to load?

Yes, Fifa 22 sometimes gets stuck on loading. This happens because sometimes, corrupted cache files are automatically stored. There is a fix for this problem. Perform a power cycling process to clean the temporary files. This will resolve the issue. 

Why Fifa 22 does not open?

People complain that Fifa 22 doesn’t open on their system. This is so because their PC doesn’t meet all the requirements of the Fifa 22 application. The fix for this issue is to upgrade the hardware of your PC. 

How to fix it if Fifa 22 is not launching on Windows 10?

  • Check the requirements of the system:

First of all, you should check whether the configuration of your computer is meeting the system requirements of Fifa 22. The minimum requirements recommended for the Fifa 22 application on Windows 10 are 8 GB Ram on The processor Intel Core [email protected]. If your system doesn’t meet the requirements, you need to upgrade it. 

  • Run the app as an administrator:

This is another fix for the issue. 

Running a game as an administrator sometimes supports resolving many issues. For this, follow these steps.

  1. Locate the folder of the Fifa 22 app and find FIFA22.exe. Choose properties by right-clicking them. 
  2. In the Compatibility tab, select “Run this program as an administrator”. Click “Apply” and then OK. 
  • Disable antivirus and firewall programs:

You can have antivirus and firewall programs in your system but, they stop certain applications and access to some websites. In case Fifa22 is not loading, you can temporarily disable your antivirus and firewall. This can fix the issues encountered in the launching of Fifa 22. 

  • Re-install the Fifa 22 Application:

If none of the methods works, try uninstalling and reinstalling the Fifa 22 application. 

Follow these steps:

  1. Launch the steam client on your system. Then choose a library, right-click on Fifa 22 game, select Manage, and uninstall.
  2. Follow the instruction on the screen and complete the uninstall process. 
  3. Again open the steam client and install the Fifa 22 app as before. 


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