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To bring your business online, the best way is to build a website. Further, to make your business website available and accessible to Internet users, you need to register a domain name for it. There are six classifications when it comes to domain extensions. In this article, we have highlighted the .nl domain name, The domain .nl comes under the ccTLDs (Country Code Top Level Domains) category. 

It is officially the country code for Netherlands. By going through this article, you will find how a .nl extension can be highly beneficial for your online business. Also, you will get insights into the Hostbillo web hosting company that provides the easiest & cheapest way to register .nl domain while providing incredible hosting features. Dive into the sections below and grab all the details. 

Why Choose a .nl Domain Name For Netherland-Based WebsiteWhy Choose a .nl Domain Name For Netherland Based Websites 

This section tells the reasons why you must consider a .nl domain registration for your Netherlands-based website – 

The Image of .nl

When you launch your website, you must assure that it matches the impression of your business. This begins by picking the right domain name and extension. Based on the recent SIDN (Stichting Internet Domeinnaamregistratie Nederland) study, the .nl domain has highly positive connections with the Dutch people. with this extension. 

So, you, as an entrepreneur, can easily take benefit of this by registering a .nl suffix name to successfully establish your online business in Netherlands.

Most Reliable Image

According to the research, the domain .nl is perceived as the richest and most reliable domain extension among all the existing ones, followed by the .com domain in the country ‘Netherlands’. Other extensions are generally considered vague and less trustworthy.

The Netherlands and Trust

The .nl domain name is owned by thriving companies. When your website possesses domain .nl, you can easily gain the trust of local people and attain a respected marketplace on the Internet. 

Domain .nl Registration Rules 

Here are the basic rules and regulations followed while registering a domain .nl for your business website – 

  • The .nl domain names do not come with the support of domain theft protection. 
  • You may register  .nl domain for a year. 
  • You do not get a money-back grace period with a .nl extension. 
  • You do not receive the Bulk Registration feature with the .nl domain registration. 
  • Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) are not supported by the .nl domain. 
  • You can renew a .nl suffix for only a year. 
  • The .nl domain names require three contacts: Registrant Contact, Administrative Contact, and Technical Contact. 

Hostbillo- The Best Provider of .nl Domain Name 

Hostbillo- The Best Provider of .nl Domain Name

We can easily recommend Hostbillo web hosting company with complete trust for .nl domain register for your business website. This is because Hostbillo is renowned to be at the front when it comes to accommodating the requirements and demands of varied web businesses.

The company has attained various awards for rendering the best web hosting services & facilities at the cheapest cost prices. It has made its customers host their business websites smoothly, securely, and optimally. 

At Hostbillo, you can register domain .nl with utmost ease at the cheapest pricing. Mentioned following are the quick steps you can take to easily register domain .nl for your business website 

Step 1: Check for the domain .nl Availability

First of all, you need to confirm if there exists availability of the ideal .nl extension for your business website with the help of the company’s mighty search engine.

Step 2: Construct Your Business Website

In the next step, you can add Hostbillo’s efficient and user-friendly website builder when you checkout through the shopping. This helps you construct your professional quality business website without any technical coding. 

Step 3: Send the email 

At last, you need to add your apt email during the process of checkout in order to commence the marketing of your new business website. 

Hostbillo web hosting company further provides various excellent benefits with the cheap .nl domain. Let’s have a quick glance at them!  

  • You get 24/7 customer service support through highly skilled experts. 
  • You acquire the professional email address. 
  • The company provides encrypted SSL certificates. 
  • You can obtain up to 10000 subdomains with the .nl domain registration. 
  • The company also provides the domain lock feature. 
  • The company also provides one-click activation to let you easily link your domain with the desired online platform.


The domain .nl is the ideal pick for online business owners to host their websites. It provides your business website with value, better security, integrity, reliable online presence, and the opportunity to earn the top ranking on search engines. 

Further, the .nl extension gives you an exclusive way to effectively establish your business in Netherlands. It lets you acquire the support of the Netherlands’ Internet users. Hostbillo web hosting company provides you with the easy and cheapest way to acquire the .nl domain name for your business website without any hassle. 

Moreover, the company also enables you to obtain excellent features .nl Extension. So, buying the domain .nl at Hostbillo lets you obtain cost-effectiveness and earn maximum online business profitability. You can right away check out the official & detailed website of Hostbillo to gain more information about the .nl domain registration at the most feasible pricing.

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