Boost Website Speed With Serverwala Dedicated Server India

by Jaswanth D


If you possess some knowledge or experience in the web hosting industry, you must have learned that the dedicated server is the ultimate web hosting solution one can own. However, various website owners do not opt for dedicated server hosting right from the beginning of hosting their websites. The reason behind this is that one needs to take responsibility for handling the entire web hosting server space and a considerable investment with the India dedicated server hosting. 

However, if your real goal is to accommodate a substantial amount of traffic volume, and grow your website at a good pace, you should host your website on a Dedicated Server India. Moreover, by going through this article, you will comprehend in detail why you must go for dedicated server hosting for your website and how it easily helps you boost the web page loading speed in every situation. 

Further, we have highlighted the top-notch web host that enables you to make the best usage of your dedicated server and provides excellent web hosting services – Serverwala. But, let us first provide you with insights into the significance of the fast web page loading speed. 

Does Your Website Need Fast Page Loading Speed?

Mentioned following are the reasons why you must enable your website to deliver the fastest web page loading speed –

  • It lets your website provide high performance to your end users.
  • It enables your website to draw more traffic amount on the Internet.
  • It lets your website be ahead in the web market competition.
  • It helps your website attain the top SEO ranking on search engines.
  • It enables your website to earn a good reputation when it comes to performance. 

How Dedicated Server India Makes Your Website Page Fast?

Dedicated server hosting is one of the kinds of web hosting services provided by numerous web hosts in the industry. It delivers you the entire space & web resources of a physical server to host your website. You acquire full ownership over your dedicated server and obtain the right to run it precisely as you need for your website(s). 

Moreover, the dedicated server in India comes with high processing power and enables your website to deliver optimal performance even during high traffic peaks. It is a powerful web hosting server that further lets you get administrative privileges and excellent hosting benefits. All this lets you make your website acquire the fastest web page loading speed. 

Why Should You Buy a Dedicated Server India From Serverwala?

We must notify you here that in order to assure the usage of your dedicated server in India to the best of its capability, you must reach out to a top-notch and dependable web host. So, let us present to you one such renowned web host – Serverwala data center. Serverwala is highly popular as the industry-leading web host all over the globe for providing the best dedicated server India hosting at the most affordable cost pricing. 

Moreover, it has acquired many awards for rendering best-in-class web hosting services & seamless customer support worldwide. You obtain the cutting-edge  & resilient facilities backed by modern technologies to host your website optimally on a leading cheap dedicated server. 

Advantages of a Dedicated Server India From Serverwala

This section incorporates the amazing benefits you receive with Serverwala’s best dedicated server India. Let’s have a quick glance at them!

  • 99.90% Uptime guarantee with the highest network connectivity
  • Advanced data security measures, including malware scan& protection, free SSL certificate, DDoS protection, etc. 
  • Highly available & accessible web resources
  • Hardware RAID support
  • Secure network channels
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 100% SSD (Solid-State Drives) data storage
  • High-tech network flexibility
  • 24/7/365 customer & technical assistance via highly skilled professionals & specialists 

Plans and Packages

Serverwala data center is widely recognized for providing India dedicated server hosting plans & packages at the cheapest pricing. It makes sure to deliver high hosting flexibility as well as highly scalable web resources with all its plans & packages of the cheap dedicated server India. 

Moreover, you also acquire the right to downgrade & upgrade your existing dedicated servers hosting plan & package as and when your website requires or your traffic volume expands. Further, the data center assures the delivery of service level agreements as well as security-as-a-service with all the dedicated server hosting plans & packages. 

Dedicated Server India


The dedicated server India is the perfect web hosting solution you can purchase for hosting your website. It provides high-level flexibility, customizability, potent data protection, optimal performance under all conditions, and greater resource scalability. Under the best India dedicated server hosting, you can effortlessly eradicate all the constraints & limitations one encounters with other kinds of web hosting services. Further, as mentioned at the start, the greater concern of the website owners to buy a dedicated server is the responsibility that comes with it. 

However, Serverwala data center helps you get freed of your worry by offering you fully managed web hosting services with a dedicated server. So, you get the choice to either pick unmanaged or managed web hosting services based on whether you have time as well as enough expertise to administer & handle your entire dedicated server in India. You can browse the detailed website of the data center now to grab more insightful information about the leading and cheap dedicated server hosting.

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