Biometric Security Solutions – Fraud Prevention for E-Pharmacies

by Jaswanth D

Since medical care centers are incorporating digital patient identity verification mechanisms, other affiliates of the healthcare sector are also making efforts to digitalize their operations. Similarly, pharmacies are moving towards e-stores. To streamline the purchase of drugs, they use online biometric recognition solutions for accessing patient records and validating prescriptions. However, with these advanced techniques come increased chances of fraud. The use of fake prescriptions, false insurance claims, and synthetic identities are to name a few.

Therefore, e-pharmacies require AI-powered biometric ID verification services to validate patients prior to dispatching any medicine. Furthermore, regulatory authorities are making patient identity validation a legal obligation which requires online drug stores to build efficient verification mechanisms. This blog covers ways biometric security solutions safeguard e-pharmacies. 

Biometric User Authentication – Fraud Preventions Controls for E-Pharmacies 

To make sure a legit patient is placing an order for buying medicines online, simple log-ins and passwords are not enough. Fraudsters use different tools to hack into accounts and place orders under someone else’s name. This also helps them steal payment details, insurance information, and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) which they later use for their personal purchase. In order to identify fraudulent purchases, e-pharmacies require better biometric recognition solutions. 

As per the guidelines by Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), doctors need to use digital signatures while prescribing class II drugs. These are later verified by online drug stores to validate patients and prevent prescription fraud. AI-powered biometric screening solutions provide robust services. They verify the information of buyers while cross-matching the signatures. 

Moving on, minors also commit prescription fraud by using their parents’ information and payment methods for buying age-restricted drugs. If not identified in time, it can lead to life-threatening addictions. However, with efficient biometric identity verification in place e-pharmacies can prevent access of underaged buyers. With solutions like liveness detection and real-time selfie-based identification, online drug stores can differentiate between minors and adult buyers more accurately. 

Similarly, regulatory bodies also mandate e-pharmacies to validate transactions by using digital signatures to ensure payment details belong to the patient buying medicines. Similarly, biometric screening-based fingerprint analysis kits are also in use to verify online medicine buyers. To further ensure authorized patients are making a purchase, digital onboarding solutions provide real-time identification. The next further entails methods biometric recognition solutions use to secure e-pharmacies operations;

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is one of the most reliable and widely used biometric security measures. It provides enhanced levels of accuracy to e-pharmacies as they provide online purchase of medicines. Fraudsters use forged prescriptions to buy drugs. In the case of in-store purchases, it was nearly impossible for pharmacies to detect this type of fraud. 

Due to the technological revolution, drug stores are going online and facilitating patients by using dedicated websites. However, fraudsters somehow manage to bypass biometric security systems by using 2D/3D face masks. This helps them steer clear of identity checks and make illicit medicine purchases.  

The AI-powered facial recognition solutions use robust tools to critically analyze characteristics and verify patients in real-time. By using mathematical algorithms, technologically evolved biometric screening solutions leave less room for fraudsters. Hence, e-pharmacies can ensure that legit patients are placing an online order for medicines and the packages reach them in time.

Fingerprint Analysis

Fingerprint analysis is a concept of past however back then it was used to identify and keep track of offenders. After undergoing years of evolution, fingerprints are now becoming part of every industry ranging from electronics to finance. Similarly, e-pharmacies are also using this technology to validate patients’ identities and payments they make while buying medicines online. 

Biometric recognition solutions provide enough accuracy to mitigate perception and payment fraud. With respect to this, the pharmacies in Virginia are using invisible-ink fingerprint kits to identify fraudsters and forgeries they make in prescriptions for buying restricted drugs. 

Similarly, online drug stores in majority of other regions are also using this technology to stay in line with the guidelines put forth by regulatory bodies. This way, biometric user authentication help e-pharmacies uphold their integrity while preventing reputational damages. 

Iris/Retina Scans

Iris/retina scans are the latest innovative security measure biometric recognition solutions are providing to enhance e-pharmacies safety. They provide powerful authentication of patients making an online purchase even if they are wearing a mask or sunglasses. 

Final Verdict

Pharmacies are transforming into online drug stores which makes passwords and PINs less reliable. Fraudsters can easily hack onto online accounts by deploying advanced tools to buy medicines by using the name and payment details of legit patients. Therefore, e-pharmacies require more efficient biometric screening solutions o restrict criminals’ access. Prescription fraud, false insurance claims, and use of synthetic identities deprive legit patients o their rights. Hence, to provide a secure online drug purchase experience, biometric recognition services are the e-pharmacies go-to options.

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