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questions of different kinds.

by Jaswanth D

A high engagement rate does not just indicate how your post is in line with your readers but will also increase the general visibility of your content.

The more interaction your post gets, the higher chance it will be ranked higher on Facebook’s feeds for your fans on Facebook.

Finding ideas for content ideas that you can share on Facebook that your followers will enjoy isn’t easy; however, I hope that this list of ideas will help you add more content to your social media calendars in the weeks ahead.

Facebook Post Ideas To Grow Your Business

Every post you post on your Facebook page should serve a purpose in helping you meet your overall business goals, such as increasing brand awareness, increasing sales, improving customer service etc. Whatever you want!

If you’re posting simply because you feel you should and there’s not any thought behind it, there’s a good chance that your thoughts won’t be exciting, and you’ll never be able to see any returns on your investment click here.

The inability to plan your posts is among the main reasons businesses fail regarding social media.

Engaging Facebook Post Examples That Get Your Fans to Act

Let’s look at some Facebook post ideas that’s purpose is to inspire action in your targeted group, be it to encourage them to comment, like, share or even share their videos and images, which you can later reuse on your page at a later time.

Ask questions of different kinds.

It’s not much more straightforward than this, and you’ll be amazed by how effectively asking your fans questions could be.

On Facebook, the principle is to make your post brief if you wish to increase engagement. But, the question you post will be contingent on what you intend to learn from the responses and whether you prefer the answers to be short or lengthy.

Shorter questions and answers (like asking customers to decide if they prefer Product A over Product B) provide a short binary solution.

But open-ended questions (like asking people to explain how Product A benefits them in their daily life) could get less attention due to the effort required to answer. Still, they will be more valuable in terms of “data” you get back often more valuable.

Provide valuable information

One of the primary reasons why people follow companies using Facebook is to get educated on specific subjects. If the subject is a specialized area of expertise (of course you are! ), If you’re an expert, you’ll be regularly sharing suggestions and data that speak to the needs of your readers.

Information sharing could be in the forms of blog posts, infographics, video clips (pre-recorded and live) as well as Q&As, and many more.

In this case, Faire uses Facebook to publish a blog post on why its followers should go to the virtual trade show, specifically the one it owns! Engaging a lot of people and, I’m sure, plenty of clicks to the blog post, all the relevant information is available.

For plenty of helpful tips for marketing your events via Facebook, go through this article for a wealth of tips and strategies that are useful and the best techniques.

Host a relevant contest

This is another one that’s old but a great one. People love the opportunity to win something for free, so running competitions through Facebook is a guaranteed method to encourage fans to interact with your message followerspro.

To make sure that you get the most benefit from the promotion to the greatest extent feasible, there are many actions you can take:

Give a prize specifically to your target audience (like the Product you sell and not something generic, like the Amazon gift card). This will guarantee that your contestants are genuine customers.

This is vital, particularly if you plan to use the information (likes, shares, likes and e-mail sign-ups.) to identify contest participants in the future and then use it to expand your business.

Explore various ways to enter your website to determine which is most interesting, e.g. commenting, clicking on your website to fill out a form, uploading a video or photo of something interesting, etc.

In this instance, Ryobi targets its crafty followers with a contest to win tools and other gadgets they’ll be thrilled with. To be eligible, participants must upload a picture from an Easter craft and include an appropriate hashtag.


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