Animated Video Pluses That a Video Animation Service Creates

by Jaswanth D

The majority of marketers believe in the strength of animated video marketing. For the same reason, businesses rely on a video animation service these days to create animated marketing videos. Further, it is no secret that video can deliver a message better than pictures. In addition, customers can easily remember the information you convey to them about products and services via explainer videos.

Moreover, people love visual content, and animated videos make video content even more interesting for the viewers. Besides, you can grab the attention of customers in one-tenth of a second through animated videos. Videos aren’t only a great tool to increase customer engagement. They are equally great for creating brand awareness. By the same token, animated videos aid businesses in boosting their conversions. Besides, there are many pluses of animated videos that animated video production companies create. We are going to share those pluses with you in this post to help you understand the importance of video animation.


Many Pluses of Animated Videos for a Business

The following are the pluses of animated videos for a business:

1. It Helps Brands Make a Long-lasting and Memorable Impression on the Target Audience: You can leave a more positive impact about your business on the audience if you use explainer videos for it. Besides, videos can help companies in giving their customers a clearer understanding of their business. Further, they can creatively tell their customers why their business stands and how they can help their customers. Explainer videos are an excellent marketing tool for businesses to convey their brand story to their target audience. Further, customers better engage to animated explainer videos and better remember the message that animated videos convey to them.

2. Animated Videos Are Easy to Comprehend: When businesses have to convey a complex idea or concept, solely relying on text cannot help businesses deliver it. Moreover, copy and flat images cannot bring the idea to life, unlike explainer videos. Animation is a great technical resource to deliver complex ideas or concepts to the viewers as a short story. Nonetheless, creating one-of-a-kind animated video requires expert skills that creative professionals have. Plus, a video animation service has a team of writers, graphic designers, illustrators, animators, and voiceover artists for video animation. By the same token, it converts complex ideas into easy-to-understand messages via animated videos for the business’s target audience.

3. Animated Videos Boost Conversions: We have already mentioned to you animated videos boost conversions for a business. Nevertheless, it is also important for businesses to create animated videos that successfully convey their brand story.  Therefore, it is also important for companies to choose a reliable video animation company for animated video production. Besides, Glowza Digital, is one of the video animation companies that has delivered brilliant animated videos for businesses across the globe.

Nonetheless, animated videos increase conversions for businesses, and statistics also back this fact up. According to statistics, “64% of customers will likely take the right action after watching an explainer video.” Moreover, customers also spend more time on websites with explainer video content than those that don’t have them.

Animation is an interactive way to explain your products and services to customers. When customers engage with your animated video content, they will likely take an action and become converts. Hence, animated videos don’t only help customers learn about a business but also help a business win its customers’ trust.

  1. Explainer Videos Are Entertaining and Fun to Watch: Animated movies and cartoons tend to grab the attention of the audience, and animated explainer videos are no different. Animated explainer videos serve as marketing tools that tend to grab the attention of the businesses’ audience. Animations are typically used to entertain; for the same reason, animated marketing videos attract viewers.

In addition, it is more likely for your customers to watch an animated marketing video than a traditional advertisement. In other words, animated videos aid businesses in communicating their message to the audience in an entertaining manner. Explainer videos are great for depicting brand personality, and it is also one of the pluses of these videos.

  1. Updating Content Doesn’t Require Reshoots with Animated Videos: Animated explainer videos don’t require reshoots when businesses have to update their content, unlike traditional ads. Besides, animations prove cost-effective and easier to edit than video reshoots. For the same reason, businesses can easily adapt their animated video content to target a different audience. It is also a great plus of animated videos.


Animated videos are a powerful marketing tool to promote one’s business. Further, there are many pluses of explainer videos that a video animation service creates for businesses. To finish, the following is a recap of many pluses of animated explainer videos:

  1. It Helps Brands Make a Long-lasting and Memorable Impression on the Target Audience
  2. Animated Videos Are Easy to Comprehend
  3. Animated Videos Boost Conversions
  4. Explainer Videos Are Entertaining and Fun to Watch
  5. Updating Content Doesn’t Require Reshoots with Animated Videos

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