All you need to know about proportional needle valve

by Jaswanth D

A proportional needle valve is the type of valve which has the ability to change the output flow and pressure of fluid inside the valve according to the fluctuations in the digital input signals. The modern electronic flow control valves are also commonly known as electro-hydraulic valves. The working of these electric valves is similar to that of hydraulic servos. Solenoids are used in these valves in order to drive the spool. 

The modern proportional needle valve uses open and closed loop systems which can be used to control the flow and pressure of fluids. These can also control the direction of the fluid without any hassle. The actuation process inside the pneumatic needle valves is done with the assistance of digital signals given by the operator. An important point that you need to know is that the flow rate, direction, and pressure of material inside the valve are directly influenced by the control signals.

What are the petty features of proportional needle valve equipment?

If you are not that familiar with the working of the proportional solenoid valves then you must know about the features of these devices. There are many features of these flow control solenoid valve devices, out of which in this section we have mentioned the most important ones:

  • First you should know that proportional valves are controlled with a closed loop system which is dependent on electrical signals. This adds to the accuracy of the equipment. There is no kind of human interference involved when it comes to using these valves.
  • Here you must know that the proportional needle valve is quite famous because of its safety features. You don’t have to worry about any loss or leakage while using these valves. The most common example of a safe proportional valve is the proportional control water flow valve.
  • Another feature of using the proportional needle valve devices is that they have a better service life. The mechanical devices which were used in the past only used to work for three to four years but these digital devices have a life of over two to three decades. You don’t have to worry about any updates or maintenance while using these tools.
  • The cost of the proportional needle valve is also quite affordable. You don’t have to worry about a big expense being added on your shoulder when buying this equipment.
  • Another important feature of the high-pressure flow control valve device is that it only has one moving part. This means the body is stronger and more independent of the operator.

The construction of the modern proportional valves is based on spools and a hard body structure. Know that the spool is made up of steel whereas the body of the solenoid valve is made up of high-grade casting. The coat on the valve is of zinc and aluminum which adds to its strengths. These electronic devices are quite famous for their robust design.

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