Acoustic VS Normal Plasterboard For Noise Reduction

by Jaswanth D

Generally, your family room configuration will be the most important consideration when working on your home, kitchen, or rebuilding.

So if the noise would not impact you, then utilizing the soundproof plasterboard is an extraordinary decision!

Soundproof plasterboard feels like an extraordinary thought when you begin disliking the undesirable sound or get grumblings from neighbors about your commotion.

You can soundproof a room in several different ways. Sound-hosing drywall is robust at soundproofing walls. Another way is to double or triple the existing drywall with extra drywall sheets.

Let’s understand acoustic and normal plasterboard contrasts are so significant.

Since this will assist you with soundproofing the wall, in any case, the inquiry is which one is smarter to utilize and what things you ought to take note of.

This article makes sense of both acoustic and normal plasterboard and their advantages and disadvantages. So perusing this article will assist you with getting the answer to your concern.

So keep close by and read the total article. This will give you an unmistakable thought of which one you should choose for your wall.

On the whole, begin with the introduction and attempt to comprehend the nuts and bolts of both.

What Is Acoustic And Normal Plasterboard?

Normal Plasterboard is regular plasterboard that has no extraordinary properties. This board is made of gypsum, a delicate and thick material utilized in mortars, slates, walkway chalk, and others. In the wake of stirring up with various materials, this becomes lightweight and heatproof.

While making these sheets, producers use pressure methods between the facer and patron. The material won’t disengage even if you squeeze it exceptionally close.

Acoustic plasterboards are the more one-of-a-kind and a better variant of ordinary plasterboards. Be that as it may, these are likewise made with Gypsum, which gives more delicateness and snugness to the design. However, it is incredibly thick among different plasterboards, particularly when you check out the traditional plasterboards and partners.

The Kingspan insulation plasterboard is now available to be used as soundproof plasterboards. By doing this, you will be able to prevent any unwanted commotion from outside. 

Pros & Cons Of Normal Plasterboard?


  • These sheets are more common where imperviousness to fire is expected because of the gypsum board’s non-ignitable center and paper facers.
  • Different component plans of compositional necessities can be effortlessly accomplished as they are of essential quality, like execution, accessibility, simplicity of fix and application, and versatility in all embellishment types.
  • These sheets accompany simplicity of establishment, which implies introducing the standard boards is much quicker and simpler. These are lightweight materials that can be adhesively appended to many surfaces. Because of the lightweight and huge sizes accessible, a couple of laborers can deal with the boards.
  • Great walls built with gypsum sheets can be perceived as drywall. They can likewise be utilized in roofs, giving astounding layered security and sturdiness. Gypsum board can be handily enhanced and restored.


  • Maintaining the temperature for the mechanical and cement use of gypsum board is a problem.
  • It isn’t obligatory anyway consistently peruse the producer manual to keep up with temperature during joint treatment, finishing, and improvement.
  • Continuously maintain satisfactory ventilation during the establishment and restoring period in the active region.
  • Where openness to dampness is outrageous or persistent, never use a gypsum board on that area.
  • Uncovering gypsum board at high temperature for broadened periods is high.

Pros & Cons Of SoundProof Plasterboard?


  • While acoustic walls and brightening materials are critical instruments for room acoustics, they can get handily obstructed by furniture or other inside enhancements, decreasing the degree of good retention. Soundproof plasterboard traversing across a room significantly affects any room. The plan choices are unending, from punctured plasterboard roofs to pontoon roofs with material determination from plasterboard, metal, wood, and even materials like felt.
  • Engineers and architects are entirely mindful of this and establishing elite execution; sound-engrossing roofs decrease pressure, further develop rest, and even increments generally representative fulfillment in workplaces. This significantly affects general prosperity, builds focus and receptivity, and advances productivity and wellbeing.
  • The present acoustic roofs frequently accompany excellent plans that make a monstrous visual and auditory effect. They are produced using plasterboard, metal, or wood, and with the right strategy, they will look shocking.
  • Acoustic roofs are typically suspended and ought to be introduced by an expert as high accuracy is required. The current suspension framework makes it easy for experts to raise exceptionally effective acoustic roofs. An extra advantage of suspended ceilings is that ventilation work, electrical wires, and administrations can be covered up.


  • It’s challenging to get the airflow just right. Certainly achievable, but keep all disturbance to a minimum (even that from the conduits). It becomes complicated and is commonly ignored.
  • Much of the material employed for sound-sealing is a good place for particles, shape, dust, dust, and so on to be resuspended and enter your nose.

Kingspan insulating plasterboard is now available for usage as soundproof plasterboards. You could avoid any unwanted ruckus from outside by doing so.

What makes BuilderInsulation the best choice?

We offer you different insulation boards that are at their best prices. The various panels are available in several thicknesses to match your unique needs, and with multiple product codes to indicate thickness, finding the proper board for the task is straightforward. 

Always select the board that provides the optimum insulation for your needs while complying with any Building Regulations. There are many categories to choose from, such as Kingspan insulating boards, soundproof boards, and standard boards.

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