5 Amazing Travel Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

by Jaswanth D

When you travel, it’s easy to get sucked into the vortex of online booking sites and apps. You want to ensure that the hotel you’re staying in is awesome and that the restaurant you’re eating at has excellent reviews.

It can feel like there’s no time left over for planning your trip—but a few simple steps can help transform this stressful process into something more enjoyable. We’re here to help! Here are five amazing travel hacks and quick tips for getting your travel life under control:

Never Sit in the Center Seat

  • The middle seat is the worst.
  • It’s not the most comfortable or the least crowded.
  • You’ll have to sit next to the armrest and stare at people walking through the aisle while they try to get by you without bumping into your elbow (or worse). And if you’re lucky enough to get a window seat, well. You know how annoying those things can be!

Know Which Carry-On Items are Banned

The best way to avoid checking your bag is by knowing which carry-on items are banned. Here’s a list of what you may or may not bring on board:

  • Laptops, tablets, and digital cameras (unless they are in checked luggage)
  • Props such as hatchets and axes. You can check these as part of your bag, except that they must fit within one standard Samsonite bag.

If you bring something deemed illegal into an aircraft, it will be confiscated at the airport x2! This includes anything from weapons to drugs, so make sure you don’t get caught trying to sneak contraband onto an airplane!

Use Your Vacuum to Roll Your Clothes

  • Use your vacuum to roll your clothes.
  • If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time for the laundry, use a vacuum cleaner to help get out those wrinkles. Just run the machine over everything that needs to be rolled up, and voila! No more creases or wrinkles!

Pack Your Stuff Into a Pillowcase

You can pack your clothes in a pillowcase, vacuum them up and roll it with the help of a few towels. It’s convenient and saves you time and energy because you don’t have to unwrap every piece from its packaging.

  • Please ensure all items are as flat as possible before rolling them together. If there are any creases or folds, try using an iron to smooth them out so that when you try to roll those up again after unpacking everything else in your suitcase (which will be much easier), everything will look lovely!

Label Your Suitcase with Something Other Than a Name or Luggage Tag

You can label your suitcase with something other than a name or luggage tag. If you want to ensure that your bag gets to the correct destination, then use a permanent marker to write in some vital information about where it is going and when it’s expected back.

You can also use labels if there isn’t enough room outside your luggage for writing instructions. This is especially beneficial if you’re traveling with children or have animals who might be scared by loud noises inside their carrier bags (like ours). It’s best practice for everyone involved!

We’ve found these handy products at most major retailers such as Target and Walmart; however, if none exist near where we live, then don’t worry—we’ll show how easy it was for us personally to keep track of all those details ourselves.

Bring a Water Bottle You Can Refill

If you’re traveling and want to save money, bringing your water bottle is a good idea. This way, you can refill it at the hotel or restaurant where you’re staying. If there is no fountain available, consider bringing an empty bottle to fill up water sources like lakes and rivers (free of charge). You could also simply buy bottled water while in town; this will cost less than purified or filtered tap water bottles at home!

Always Have an Adapter

Adapters are a must-have for any trip. They can be used to charge your phone and other devices, but they also make it easy to avoid packing too much.

For example, if you’re taking an airplane or train ride and need a converter (from European power outlets to North American or Australian ones), an adapter is all you need! This can save time because there’s no need to stop at the airport store when traveling internationally.  And it means that when you arrive at your destination, everything will work just as well back home!

Bring Your Snacks for the Plane

  • Bring your snacks for the plane.
  • Snacks are more nutritious than the food on the plane.
  • Snacking is a great way to pass the time on a long flight.
  • Kids will be more likely to behave if you give them something sweet and crunchy!

This Travel Hacks Will Change The Way You Travel

These travel hacks will make your life easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable. They’re easy to implement and save money on plane tickets, hotels, and car rentals!

Here are some of the most useful ones:

  • Booking a flight early is better than booking it late because airlines tend to charge less for flights when they sell out—so don’t wait until the last minute! You can also get cheaper airfare by using an online tool like Skyscanner or Google Flights (which shows you what available prices).
  • Use Uber instead of taxis when traveling around town because it’s cheaper and more accessible than haggling with strangers over who gets what tip at the end of the ride (which often happens). If possible, use an app like Hailo or GoCatch instead since these services will usually come cheaper than taxi companies; this is especially true during peak times when cabs tend to charge higher rates than usual due to demand from customers looking for rides in specific areas such as airports or tourist attractions nearby – so if possible try booking ahead instead just in case there are any issues with getting one soon enough before leaving home 🙂


Traveling can be a pain, but it doesn’t have to be if you know these travel tips and hacks! Your next trip will be more leisurely if you’re armed with the best tips.

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